nami is a 30 year old girl. She has been a member for 31 months, and was last logged on 2 weeks ago.

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Welcome to my profile

hello, I've got to know this site via an "old school games" link and now I am totally hooked up with the marbles game so far, and I'm sorta "scared" to check out all the other games, cause I could get overly addicted, haha~

hope to get along with everyone!! see ya!


ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 9 months ago

hi there nami, awe thats such a cute avatar :)

lolliipoplolliipop said

Posted a long time ago

really? I need to try that game again with my desktop pc now, hope I can get a better score.I'll do my best :D

anne.kellanne.kell said

Posted a long time ago

WOW!!!! you get the achievement level 20 in the game Piggeez!!! awesome!!
never any people get it :DD
Amazing ***

me123me123 said

Posted a long time ago

Thats cool i luv it! I would love to be friends!!!

lolliipoplolliipop said

Posted a long time ago

thank you so much! I love marimo, too (-)

KattieKattie said

Posted a long time ago

<3 ur avatar :)

Linkin ParkLinkin Park said

Posted a long time ago


lolliipoplolliipop said

Posted a long time ago

OMG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENT!!! Visiting you right away~ rushes off to comment

me123me123 said

Posted a long time ago


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Posted: November 6

lolliipop got a score of 6 in the game Fragments
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Poco2 Escape 3.0Poco2 Escape 3.0
cutest escape game ever! the oni is too adorable!
Home Sheep HomeHome Sheep Home
luuuuv Timmy!
Magic Marbles 2Magic Marbles 2
it makes me addicted to playing marbles on a daily basis. love this type of game. also I like the sound of the marbles (but I turn off the music, I wish there were more otpions for music) all in all a daily must!


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