alex salas is a 14 year old girl living in santa rosa,california. She has been a member for 2 weeks, and was last logged on 4 days ago.

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Welcome to my profile

hai my name is alexandra but i like to be called alex:]

my favorite color is neon pink:D

anyhoo here are some pictures!!!


me and my sister maya(left)and me(right):p

omfg you can barelly see my piece sign:\

i was bored,i like daisy's:D

me and my CRAZY FRIENDS!!!

love em:D

im the little on in black ha!!!

were retarded!!!nm to say here:p

nm to say here eatherO.o

im sucha DORK!!!

i borrowed my friends crazy glasses>.<

:O me and my friend vannessa are sideways!!!

ha im in the pink:]

getting ready for my niece's 16th b-day!!!

oohhh you can barelly see our christmas tree:D

i went to RENO!!!

sooo know i love snow:D


btw:the first time i tried on WHITE eye shadow!!!

this is my sister maya again and she tried out for a vans magazine thingy and...didnt make the cut haha LOSER!!!

i think they posted the picture tryouts somewere on vans.com idk but they should be there.





kristtakristta said

Posted 4 days ago

happy holidays,a happy new year:D

LiLDoRk2014LiLDoRk2014 said

Posted 7 days ago

hehe=p,itz still super pretty tho=]

prettyboy13prettyboy13 said

Posted 10 days ago

do u have a myspace

LiLDoRk2014LiLDoRk2014 said

Posted 10 days ago

hey,u seem cool,btw ur BEAUTIFUL [NO HOMO], =] but seriously those picz of u in da snow look like a cover of a magazine!!!:O,i also really like how you do your makeup=]

WyttWytt said

Posted 12 days ago


kristtakristta said

Posted 12 days ago

i like your pic's especially the one with your friends haha

prettyboy13prettyboy13 said

Posted 12 days ago

we should be friends

des123des123 said

Posted 13 days ago

ur so pretty nd soz ur sister


^^ i luv that word i saii it all the time haha!

Lex26Lex26 said

Posted 13 days ago

Hi Californian girl, land of guns N' Roses, Metallica and others good bands...

I'm from Brazil, can u accept me as friend?

jonny77jonny77 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

lol thanks i like ur profile

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