Jeh Jeh Rocket is a guy living in U'top of Altitude Limit. His favorite game is everybody edits beta, his rival is mikey g 3 and his favorite faces are Θ_Θ, ♫_♫, :Þ, ♥_♥, Ǿ_Ǿ and Ω_Ω . He has been a member for 13 months, and was last logged on 5 weeks ago.

Gamer Level: 4

Welcome to my profile

hey. whatsup?

k hi i am a guy im cool B)<- like the emoticon lol

i am not an ordinary guy. i get angry easily by ben (my little bro)

and i catch the chills (brr theyre not nice man) 

 My family:

Dan (Aged 20)

Joe (Me) [Age 15]

Jemima (Aged 13)

Ryan (Aged 8)

Cynthia (Aged 6)

Ben (Aged 3)

big family eh?

i am pretty hot and DEFINETLY not cold lol even do dere is not a meaning of cold exept from the meaning opposit of hot and the meaning burning as in hot

abc boy... i dont no him but y does he get a pic of lol then lol turns into a LAUGHING FACE!!!!!!!

these are my  Top 22 friends, my bestest friends ever! so dont mess with em! 

1.SmileySmile (she is very kind just seein here online makes me turn from :( to :)!)

2.angelive (dont no her but i still accepted her friend request)

3. Falco24: the husbnd of no 1. friend(their kinda the saime)

 4.mikey g 3 (he is a nice friend but we sometimes fallout lol)

5.axelalex13 (cool guy and such a nice friend though he does put rude things on his profile xD i still like you axel!)  

6. JacobJacob ( a very nice friend! we met at multiplayer snake and he is also 15th best player on it!)

7.Smokey00 (I met him on his 1st day! hehehe aint i looky!)

8.Danni-Wolf (Met her in a conversation! she is such an xtreme frend!)

9. ... Samiha ... (The same description as Angelike)

10. Nf97 (A brilliant frend! We play EE all the time us 2!)

11.Gemini1122 (Like Smokey00, I met him on his 1st day on nonoba!)

12.yuto987 (The same description as Angelike and ... Samiha ...)

13.ramon-assendelft (helped me on my saved room on EE! him Yuuki31 and Nf97 r my friends wat i call: The Everybody Edits Friends!

14.Yuuki31 (Brilliant friend! he is so awesome! and u no y? cos he put ex pro on my saved world on EE! That y i really like him!)

15.Gawjuss (SE Editor, follow the forum Come And Join The New SE Crew! to join and for further notice)

16. deoxys243 (she is sooooooo nice and knows how to make my smile!)

17. KarMing (SE Member)

18.GameGus (nice friend and also SE Signer)

19. 547129 (SE Editor)

20. cj1996 (SE Member)

21. X.Pippy Pie.X(Brilliant friend! she is funny and kind and, well, a pippy pie! XD)

22. hotrodDNA (SE Member) 

if u wanna be ma friend just add me and tell me uve added me or send me a frend recwest thnx! though if i havent met u b4 im afraid i cant add u! i have 2 no if i like u and met u in a chatroom! (by the way i am always in basecamp) 

Lumberjack song

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK,

I sleep all night and I work all day.

He's a lumberjack and he's OK,

He sleeps all night and he works all day

I cut down trees,

I eat my lunch,

I go to the laboratory.

On Wednesdays I go shopping,

and have buttered scons for tea.

He cuts down trees,

he eats his lunch,

he goes to the laboratory.

On Wednesdays he goes shopping,

and has buttered scons for tea.

im a fan of mario well yea i shud b mates with u-no-who (monolith)


E:ating burgers makes him feel happy

G:rowin bigger than his mum n dad

Y:r ppl not beein as cool as me? :P

O:h my god he is fu**ing his mum n dad

U: ppl on nonoba r all rite but im the culest

D:ad sucks

C:ome comment me plz


N:o one is as cool as me

1:5 is the age of me :) 

3: is the age of ma fu**in lil bro

8:is the age of ma bigges

 t lil bro (better than youngest)

2: should be the age of ma lil bro ben

4:is the age ben thinx he is

6: more CDz 2 collect B4 i complete ma collection!!!!

9: is wen ma biggest lil bro ryan gos up an age


█◙☼♫<-bet ya dont no how 2 put these simbols!



Me: Bn ben Fen

Ben: No spell Ben!

Me: Cant (Pretending)

Ben: MUUUUUUUUUUM! Joe's being annoying!

Mum: Dont tell lies, Ben

(Mum walks away)

Me: (Now) Haha ben! :P:P:P:P

Joe is a winna ben is a losa

^Betcha cant read this!^Betcha cant read this!^

if u wanna no wat font i am usin just comment

and lol the message up there ^ says joe is a winna ben is a losa[b cos he really is! :3] (font: webdings)

My lifetime goals:

1. To beat the fucking EX crew with my SE crew as THEY R HAKAS!

2. to get beta on ee

3. to get cheatplayer

4. to be a moderator :D

5. to stop my fucking little brother Ben from annoying me! (sory u cant help me on this 1)


Help me complete these and ull get a BIG reward (Strikethrough r dun though no. 3 i dont no how to work it if u help me that ll give u the reard) 

these are my top 5 favorite games. my most FAVORITE GAMES EVA!

so when im in them ud betta not mess wiv me ;)

they are in order from best 2 worst

1. everybody edits [Beta cos i have it] by chris (Hehehee! brilliant game! and even better when u have beta! i got beta! :P to the peep who dont) 

2. Raze by Lord X (a very fun game! though it contains a LOT of violence in it!)

3. zero arena by mrx3d (Im not sure if i got the makers name rite! tehehee! good game aswell) 

4. multiplayer snake by chris (brilliant game! this is where i met jacob jacob! he is such a nice friend!) 

5. fridge magnets by chris (met smileysmile here. she is the BESTEST FRIEND EVER!) 

and lol most ov them r made by chris :'( i wanna be frends with him <|:'(

i have got a puzzle 4 u

ive got ♥ and▓ if ♥ = 2 what would ▓ be?

 ♥ x ▓ =42

comment me 4 answer

im wearin a hat if my hat was a cap what would youre hat be? (this question has got invinety answers you make 1 up ur self)

and lol that was 2 questions

were havin a partay in parbold cos its my best mate, ozone13876 (aka George Dell)s BIRTH DAY! IN ONLY 1 WEEK!!!!!!!!! he is not on nonoba though so dont think of meeting!

and lol r we havin a good time!

rite lets look ateverybody edits beta (my favorite game)

rooms by me and others

TheRollacostaMinis, my proud saved beta world! it getting popular and popular by the sec sum1 joins!i think it is the 12th most popular saved world that there is! lucky me! 

Water Park, hehehee! this is my favorite lvl i have made! and the most pop! i did this with a guy from either newgrounds tiny-chat kongregate the EE site itself or anywhere else. It is an even more liter blu cos it has water in it!

Minis | Stairs | Boss, a room by me  Zach898 and coolmanman! Brilliant lvl with 50 minis and 6 stairs. 1 of the stairs is even upside down! i can make upside down stairs. but ima not tell any1 how to do it!

Game crew city, a room which Weegee Walking and ramon-assendelft both helped me in! briiliant level! and i met Weegee Walking on his 1st day! i am the best at seeing ppl when its their 1st day!

Boss to the best code,didnt make this but i became a boss and it had about 765 ppl play!

SE Crew 6 choices, a MASSIVE POPULATION WORLD! im pretty good at geeting popular worlds! 

If u'd like 2 b on my saved beta world, ask me in a chatroom! though i am sorry i can't give u code

If ud like to make a room with me, just ask me in a chatroom! i never say no!


Crews I am in:  

MA Crew

MG Crew 

and my very own, SE Crew 


Now comment me. like SmileySmile, I like comments! i comment any1s profile who i see!





if u were smart enuf 2 find THIS message, inbox me and ill give u a reward



silver_horsesilver_horse said

Posted 6 months ago


Robot chickenRobot chicken said

Posted 6 months ago

Can I join the EE crew? I have beta, secret blocks, full black blocks, and factory package aaannnd I can make a circle for smileys. :)

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

Posted 8 months ago

my profiles gettin screwed up
tell me if u see any bugs

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

Posted 8 months ago

h.n.y. face is happy new year face

u got it?

i have

im not in EX, well, not any more, i quitted once i found out they were hackers, and i HATE EE HACKERS!

Legyoudcan1382469Legyoudcan1382469 said

Posted 8 months ago

wow Caiitrawrr-x!
one up comment score for u!
im now level 4 :)

GawjussGawjuss said

Posted 8 months ago

Haha, Yay! :P
Whats the h.n.y face? :o
And are you in the Ex Crew? :o

miloticmilotic said

Posted 9 months ago

1: for the first question it is 2

2: my hat would probably be a no fear luminecant striped hat

I like everybody edits to im addicted to it lol :)

milotic :)

Maggie2526Maggie2526 said

Posted 10 months ago

het how goes it

hotrodDNAhotrodDNA said

Posted 10 months ago


Danni-WolfDanni-Wolf said

Posted 10 months ago

How is you?

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