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Welcome to my profile

     Mood: Lying To Myself...

 Thinking?:  Today seems like a great day

don't you think?? Feeling like I just lost a friend):




Hello there!(: I'm Laura. Um, not to much to tell about a girl

like me. My birthday is on the 14th of September! I love my

friends and family, they mean the world to me. Ever have

that one friend who's family is like your own? I have

that friend :D They treat me like i'm their own daughter.

People have told me i'm caring, loving, nice, and sweet. Other

people see it better than i do. I'm nothing special. I am

really shy... I mostly

get shy around boys and people I do not know very well. I

 tend to hyperventilate when I am nervous

and scared.... O.O Yes I am random and weird.. DEAL

WITH IT!!! P: 




♥Friends list♥:


roguealiscious(Scottydoo!! A.k.a. My hubbie<3(: I have to tell

you this is one awesome and amazing guy. Hes always there

when I need him. I don't know what I would do if I hadn't of

met him. I don't know what I would do without him in my life

just in general! Hes so caring, sweet, nice, cute and so much more

:D ! He means the world to me and hes locked in my heart forever.

I Love you Scot:) ♥♥♥♥♥


Blue_Rach(Rachael!!! :D This is my bffttyld yo'! lol

(only you would get that rae) She is like my sissy for real! :P

Love her to frikkin bits and pieces man! Don't mess with her

or I will have to hurt ya! Rachael Your my bestest friend in the

world and always will be(: Your my bestie for life. I love

you sissy. Always here when you need me or a hug!:)♥♥♥♥♥ 


ReAnna11(Met her from my last account! :D Shes super

nice and we have gotten to talk some what, not a whole lot but

we still talk :3 She's a pretty good friend of mine:)♥♥♥♥

 Ghosteh(Danneh!! ;3 Such a good friend I love him
to death. He can cheer me up easily and make me laugh.
Hehe Cuz hes that awesome >:3 Hes an amazing friend and
we try to talk as much as possible. I hope he reads this
because I miss him! Love you danny<3)♥♥♥♥♥
 ArtistofTime(Jesse :3 He's a major sweetie! Gahh!
I love him :3 He's so sweet and hes very huggable! ;D Woo!
Haha oh yeah almost forgot *Glomps Jesse* Muhahaha! Tis a good
friend And I don't plan on letting go of you anytime soon sweetie.
Hehe I love you Jesse!!! ;D )♥♥♥♥♥
Hearts and what their ratings mean:
♥♥'s= We don't get to talk that much and I feel like
I barely know you.|: 
♥♥♥'s= Were ok friends but don't talk much/: 
♥♥♥♥'s= Pretty good friends and have talked more
than a few times:P 
♥♥♥♥♥'s= I love you forever and always. And I don't
plan on losing you as a friend anytime soon. (and we talk
alot! x3)

Tell me if I forgot your name or if you wanna be
on my list! ;3

To my Taylor: Hunni you said it was too late, that I would end up with dull knives
and be crying... well your a little late on stopping all that. I already have done
it and done it recently. /: Its not your fault. Don't be sorry. The only one that should
be sorry... Is me.
***********Profile under construction still!*************
As Osvaldo would say: Because I'm just bob the builder like that! xP Ha.  
 The Pretty Reckless!♥Favorite band (one of them anyways)
Escape the Fate<3 Band when Ronnie was there :D(I like craig but Ronnie
is just better sorry to say:)

 BVB!!!♥Black Veil Brides! I ♥ Them! :D


 My Chemical Romance!♥One of thee best bands EVAR!!!

 Sick Puppies! I Love them(: ♥                         ^^ Free Hugs!!! (>'.')>  ^^

Love Is Like A Rose? Yes. 

Love is like a Rose. the roots are the friendship that starts is all. Then you get the stem when

you both like each other. Next comes the baby bud. When you both start a relationship with

each other it will bloom into something beautiful, thats your love that turns into a big beautiful

rose. But then it starts dying. The petals grow weak and then change colors of the darkness. It

grows and goes on until all the petals have fallen, the stem is dried up, and everything is dried

up and dead. It no longer lives. The rose is like love. It starts, it grows and then dies. Just

like... Well, love. Could it be that when someone you love gives you a rose it means they do

love you.... Funny because its so true.


Promises Can Be Broken...</3 

 I had to promise them I wouldn't hurt myself. Or commit suicide. Little do they know today, while

I was laying in bed. Thats all that was on my mind. Dying. Suicide. And calling one last person

saying 'goodbye' and 'I love you'. But that doesn't change the fact that I thought about it

. Again. Oh and this heart hurt, and heart break is nothing new. I think I figured out who

that one person that has been trying to kill me and take me out in my head when I think i'm

going to die. That one evil person that wants to kill me is... me. This sounds crazy I know but

thats how its going to happen because I thought about it for hours today. The way I'm going

to die is by suicide. One day i'm going to get the strength to just put the knife through my

stomach and won't stop. If thats how it happens there is no coming back. And I broke a promise

I made to a lot of people I love. If it happens like this i'm sorry. It wasn't meant to happen like

this. It just did. I feel stupid for writing this but its been in my head since I thought about it.

I don't wanna go like this but I feel like its going to happen just as I thought it. Don't be mad.


shyannaminer10shyannaminer10 said

Posted 18 hours ago


roguealisciousroguealiscious said

Posted 2 days ago

sorry laura u soul is to beautiful to go black and i won't u die wifey just no :(

GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 2 days ago


GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 2 days ago

Meh D:

KhyatiKhyati said

Posted 3 days ago

Me too!! I jus put a couple of them like theres My Chemical Romance, Asking alexandra n loadss more to put up :P Hav u heard situations by etf? I lOVEE ronnie rodricks he sings soo darn well!!

GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 3 days ago

>:O I'll eat you!

KhyatiKhyati said

Posted 3 days ago

I lovee ure band choiceess
BVB n ETF r soo goodd!! and andyy sixx especially <3

GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 3 days ago

Fapedy fapfap fapfap!

GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 3 days ago


GhostehGhosteh said

Posted 4 days ago

You're a small dork!

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