Scot is a 15 year old guy living in hell with is razor blade FTW. He has been a member for 2 months, and was last logged on 4 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

I'm roguealiscious(real name Scot :) i'ma 15 year  old guy that lives is the beutiful state of wisconsin. Will be 16 next may 17. I like to hunt/fish/biking/ and girlz ofcourse.Oh i also love to swim i spend most of my days at my local beach when its open i also love camping. I also love watching TV exspecially anime u name it i most likely have either heard it or watched it. I also LOVE MOVIES AND READING ITS THE SHIZZ OF JIZZ


I play lots of sport like soccer/baseball/football/basketball ect. But i usually play hardcore with my friends where anything is legal and no pads of course cause who uses pads honestly?



Most important thing in my life are my family and friends. So if u want to be a friend send me a request or add me. and if u can't stand to see me then face the other way pozer. And if don't wanna be friend well thats alright comment if u want or just leave me forever. :}



My favorite bands would have to be Dragonforce/Megadeth/Metallica/and Staind/SOD i love all kinds of music i'll listen to anything if its good.

Favorite songs ever:

1. So far away by Staind

2. Bring me to Life by THousand foot Krutch

3. Fire it up by THousand foot Krutch

4. Welcome to the Masquarade by THousand foot Krutch

5. Bring me to life by Evanescence 

6. I'll be missing u

7. Tornado of souls by Megadeth

8. Dawn Patrol by Megadeth

9. Sorry, blame it on me by akon. go ahead blame everything on me and i'll take it don't worry :)

10. Right here waiting by staind

Favorite Color is black and green.



And if anybody is wondering about what i like in a girl i'll tell u 

Must have a great sense of humor can't stand girlz that don't laugh ever

Being Cute don't have to be Hawt but cute works

Black, burnette, or blonde hair

Very out going

Doesn't mind getting a bit dirty at times

We must have stuff in common

and all around good person.


IF u wanna know a little about me fine

Im 5'9/130 pounds yes i'm skinny

i work out every now and then i'm not ripped but definantly not weak

Blueish eyes Brown hair

i wear glasses

give me a shout if u have questions wanna talk or whatev i think i've already said this like 5 times but whatever.

I can be outgoing but shy at the same time. girlz get me tongue tied sometimes.



  i'm not the type of guy to just blow u off or not listen. I'm the kind of guy that will slip my arms around ur waist from behind give u a light kiss on the cheek and quick squeze for a hug.(gurlz only that the only way i roll)



And to the girl out there i have yet to find this ones for u:

You're not pretty you’re beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever. I Need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away. I'd die <3<3


  Quick Friends list

 Vampireange(coolist person ever bestie forever 1st friend on nonoba)

Sexygirl122( great friend always there)

Jonny77( funny guys loves Zero arena)

Cuttie567(awsome girl fun to talk to)

Mikimouseclub(awsome friend easy to get along with good person)

Pink Life (good person loves music)

Jerome125(cool dude don't mess with him)

Samiha(Cool gurl willing to help with stuff)

Greenheart443(Good person fun to talk to)

Miss Bored(fun to talk to and way awsome)

Bracket(straight up AWSOME!)

Sexmuffin( one word COOL)

Lilmizsunshine( cool friend and my entertainment lol :)

Tifennie( straight up cool person good friend)

Katkillz(sweet but cool)

Leflufftastic( straight up funny)

EmO_KiTtY( shes emo but i still like her :)

Brookie-Cookie(sweet caring great friend)

Xanthe12(sweet and awsome and caring Triple  threat)

October(fun and nice to talk to)

KendallXD(very sweet and nice fun to talk to)

SpiderBabe(sweet and fun to talk to)

Callanay12(funny and cool)

Opey438(cool girl fun to talk to)

 X_angel_baby_X(she's cool and fun to hang with)

Musiclovar(rly funny and rly cool)

 Hellokitty13014( She sweet and fun to talk to)

SexiiEmo(she's nice and cool)

Nikki Sexy(she's rly cool and rly good at pool)

onlove(pretty and nice)

Kacey1234(she's awesome and o so helpful)

Bailey5567(she's cool and sweet)

Cotoncandy_616(she's awesome and my awesomer twin)

ni_hao_cameron(she's cool has a sweet pro and is very nice)

Now u screw with my friend i'ma screw with ur life so be nice or shut the F$^% up!


If i forgot u my bad just yell at me.


║╩╣║║║║║ Put this on your page if you

╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ support or are emo...


And i get bored ealsy so comment and inbox me keep me occupied


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October has the 666th comment DEVIL"S NUMBA!!!

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Greenheart443 has the 750th comment what an asska still  (:)~P




On the outside i'm Laughing

But on the insides i'm screaming

The only release i'm getting

Is when i'm bleeding.

  i cut u don't like it sue me.

  If u wanna know my mood gonna have to ASK! :)


Bring me to life:

How can you see into my eyes like open doors
Leading you down into my core
Where i've become so numb

without a soul

my spirit sleeping Somewhere cold




                                 you could turn off

                                 the questions. turn

                                 off the voices,

                                  turn off all the sound.


                                  to close out

                                  the ugliness, close

                                  out the filthiness,

                                   close out all light.


                                    to cast away

                                    yesterday, cast

                                    away memory,

                                    cast away all jeopardy.


                                    you could somehow stop

                                    the uncertainty, somehow

                                    stop the loathing,

                                    somehow stop the pain.


                                    on your impulse

                                    swallow the bottle,

                                    cut a little deeper,

                                    put the gun to your chest.


my name means :

S: Cute

C: Good kisser

O: Has one of the best Personalities ever

T: Very good kisser






















Thinking: i'm a douche a complete DOUCHE F ME

 Words of advice: forget about me i'm nothing just forget about meh its that f'in simple.


LeannaLovesYouLeannaLovesYou said

Posted 18 hours ago

Yes I am. thats why I lost you. Thats why I lost Tyler too.

LeannaLovesYouLeannaLovesYou said

Posted 19 hours ago

well its no fair >.< I wish I was honest like you. I'm a bitch and thats why I lost you.... >:(

LeannaLovesYouLeannaLovesYou said

Posted 20 hours ago

sorry. I was just going through random profiles and wanted to comment on one. And I landed on you. Seems like EVERYONE likes you >.< Thats not fair! Why do u have to be so nice and honest?!

LeannaLovesYouLeannaLovesYou said

Posted 20 hours ago

hey >.<

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 22 hours ago

well doesnt that just suck xP

aigina arellanoaigina arellano said

Posted 23 hours ago


vampireangelvampireangel said

Posted yesterday

10 facts about you
1. You're reading my comment
2. You're realizing that's a stupid fact
4. You didn't notice I skipped three
5. You're checking now
6. You're smiling
7. You're still reading my comment
9. You didn't realize I skipped eight
10. You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. :)
11. You are enjoying this
12. You didn't realize there's only supposed to be ten facts

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

haha what are you talking about!?
im a saint! O:-)

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday


greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

no! cool beans is MY sayying!!!

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