kittens is a girl living in on MELOLOL's shoulders. She has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on 45 minutes ago.

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Welcome to my profile

HELLO MY NAME IS ENTER NAME HERE. IM 14. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTING.I LOVE KESHA HER MUSIC IS AWESOMNESS.not according to some people...*cough*melolol*cough*i still love him his awesomeness he is mine.







davidmexicodavidmexico said

Posted one hour ago

ey you look pretty

cat112cat112 said

Posted yesterday

do youwhot to be my friends


Posted 3 days ago


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bobbyfallisbobbyfallis said

Posted 4 days ago

i luv you you cant get away from me

pi-facepi-face said

Posted 4 days ago



Posted 7 days ago

sosololtty r u talkin to me? or crayons?


Posted 7 days ago


of course ur pretty <3

KiTtEnSaReAwSoMeKiTtEnSaReAwSoMe said

Posted 7 days ago

im good. thank god your back!! i got a pic =D i hope you think im pretty


Posted 8 days ago

hi babe my ban finally lifted lol

how are u? :)

KiTtEnSaReAwSoMeKiTtEnSaReAwSoMe said

Posted 11 days ago

thx babe

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