The Grim Heaper is a girl living in the UG (which is used by the composer, who runs the reapers game!) . She has been a member for 2 weeks, and was last logged on 11 minutes ago.

Gamer Level: 3

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yo the grim heaper says:



citychiccitychic said

Posted 14 minutes ago


snipe099snipe099 (online here) said

Posted 50 minutes ago


pi-facepi-face (online) said

Posted 19 hours ago

har har har har har!!!

Oogie BoogieOogie Boogie said

Posted yesterday

Oogie.. oogie...oogie.. oi!oi!oi!

pi-facepi-face (online) said

Posted yesterday


ThaB00MZ0RThaB00MZ0R said

Posted 2 days ago

Never feed the trolls! Bad idea! Sarcasm isn't good either. Trolls feed on pleasure 'ye know.

MetaloidMetaloid (online) said

Posted 2 days ago


collegefan77collegefan77 said

Posted 2 days ago


pi-facepi-face (online) said

Posted 2 days ago

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
The World Ends With You is zetta awesome!!!

la cheriela cherie said

Posted 2 days ago

i like your backround ;)

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