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Yagami Light sama is a badass dude who kills people who is a 14 year old girl living in Milky Way of Anime Land where anime is real. She has been a member for 8 months, and was last logged on 4 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 12

Welcome to my profile



 I made the pictue above :) and some


below aswell, Yoko Rules!!


  Do what the fucking bitch says.

  All Hail Yoko Ritona !!!

My Anime Profile :

 Hello everyone, I am killershit 4, and I am a boy btw :D

 My profile is just of anime so hope you like it ...

 Well i will be putting up new songs during the week so if

you are fan of my vedios look everyday too see vids. 

 Hi again : ) I am gonna put new pictures like the picture

above but rarely though .Its Super HQ too : ) 

  Oh and don't forget to comment on my profile people.

 Its very important to me so please comment(say good

stuff lol) I would appreciate that :)


 About Myself: I just like to watch anime alot, and something

 similar to it ^.^  xDD.Im mostly in Zero Arena, Basecamp

and Zombie Apocalypse.

 Down Below and some of my favourite

anime shows and some are just pictures.

 Anime Girls with swords rock! :)


 Kaze No Stigma- Main Characters


 Main Character From Shakugan No Shana


 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni- Freaky ass Anime.


 Kampfer- Weird Anime Again lol ^^


 Random Anime Girl


 K- On, Mio 2nd Cutest!- Nice Music Anime


 Lacus From Gundam Seed Destiny


 Sora No Otoshimono Forte- Amusing Anime


 Bleach In Naruto Costumes

bleach in naruto? 

 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


 Main Characters of the anime, Shuffle!

Anime Shuffle Pictures, Images and Photos

 Code Geass- Main Characters


 Girl Characters From Kannon


 Tsuna From Kateiyoushi Hitman Reborn


 Yoko From Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann!!!


 Anime Girls From The Anime, Clannad !! 


 Code Geass- CC, (Who is better Yoko or Cc?)


 Naruto Shippuden- Epic Picture!! ...


 Anime Characters From Fate Stay Knight


 Nico Robin and Zoro From One Piece !!!!!!!!


 Angel Beats! - Ecchi picture.., Blame the Producer >.>ANIME 

 Fairy Tail- Nice and Awesome Anime !!    


  My Flag Counter lol  

 Hello fans or whatever this is my flag counter hope i see

 alot of people from my country!! :D   


 My Profile Counter

Well i hope i get plenty views

Website counter  -  old counter...   

 - New profile counter :D

 Important Note: Suck my balls,JK, well here comes the

 ecchi part of my profile, if not 13 years and older then

 get the hell out of my profile KIDS!!

  The Truth.       


 Its Yoko Bitch :)  

  Heres the link of the song for yoko


 Some Scenes in YoKo'S song.


anime anime

 anime anime


 It looks interesting doesnt it... xD


 Yoko picture which I edited alot .(like the one on top aswell)

 It took really long to make this crap!! 





 Extra Large Picture !!!! ( Astraea From Sora No Otoshimono ) 

  Shes too cute and sexy at the same time lolz xD . 







 Well thats all for that section ^, hope you

 liked it :) ... I'll see if I can get more xD

 Number of good comments *about* my

 profile lol ===)>  152 comments in total so far. Thanks Guys!! .  










 Well, I hoped you liked my profile, thats all for now.

 Don't forget to comment ! :D


EMINEM5875EMINEM5875 said

Posted 2 days ago

love the profile

coool123coool123 said

Posted 4 days ago

u know yoko is 14 in the first few episodes

la cheriela cherie said

Posted 4 days ago

gladly =D

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 4 days ago

But no one has big tits so don't complain to me xD

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 5 days ago

Shugo Chara :D

la cheriela cherie said

Posted 5 days ago

I Comment on your Profile!! :D

heart181heart181 said

Posted 6 days ago


trustintrustin said

Posted 6 days ago

haaaaaaiiiiiii like da NEW pic???

coool123coool123 said

Posted 7 days ago

thanks for the awsome anina

killershit 4killershit 4 said

Posted 7 days ago



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