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EmoliciousoverratedEricEmoliciousoverratedEric said

Posted yesterday


The best partner ub 2v2 Mp Snake! w00t lol

and perhaps am getting back into the game... lol

JosueAgainJosueAgain said

Posted 3 days ago

okaydokey. ty

D3ad_N_G0neD3ad_N_G0ne said

Posted 3 days ago

I don't think I can find one, but I'll look, its been a while since I've seen him, so I don't have any recent ones. but I'll look around.

Brandon93Brandon93 said

Posted 4 days ago

hey what u doing?

JosueAgainJosueAgain said

Posted 4 days ago

hahahaha u make me laugh. U r so funny JH

JH_ said

Posted 4 days ago

First i would like to start my speech with,
Ah ok Josue that makes sense.
followed by Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
to brewbrewXx

Thank you, that is all.
Sincerely yours, JH.

tylourahtylourah said

Posted 8 days ago

whaaaaaaaat? no ofcrs im not emo!

D3ad_N_G0neD3ad_N_G0ne said

Posted 9 days ago

You look like my cousin...

JosueAgainJosueAgain said

Posted 10 days ago


JosueAgainJosueAgain said

Posted 11 days ago


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