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Welcome to my profile

hay wellcome to my profile im a fan of justin bieber,slena gomez and ke$ha oh and katty parry                                                                                                               if you have ever watched

       legend of the seeker                             you rock!!!


      my fav songs                                 baby                                               love drug                                       hot n cold                                      enne menne

      californu girls


  when i was just a puppy u took me to ur home out of all the pea stans and murderd thro pillows u still loved me and when i did somthing bad u side how could you but also 

pushing me  over for a belly rub Evre night u put me on ur bed and told me all of ur dreams  But evre night truned in to onece a weak I was happy for u u fell in love 

she was a pritty girl  she was not fond of me But i stayed  thar wus a new sent in the 

house it was a baby both u and her wer afrade i wud hret him i wus a prisoner of

love i was etherin my crate or in a sepret room  one day i was free to see him the baby

he grabed my fur to pull himself up i was no lonnger sad untill u got a call it was a job

offer but upartment did not alloe pets the car ride was fun untill we stoped at the pound

how could u HOW COULD U u gave the leash to the two nice laddes and left me thar

i love u dont leve me pleas dont leve me i barked but u left me aney way good bye master                                                                                                                                                      

ill miss u  i was ur girl how could leve me hear one day a nice laddy came she put me

on metel table i know wats going to happen good bye 











      my fav youtubers








 I love justin bieber. i love all of his songs. but my fav is That shoud be  me.I think justin has a great personality i think he's cute sweet and an a  amazing singer. I love his moptop hair. dear justin bieber if u ever            read this i will never be able to see u at a concert  becaus my dad           sied its to icspesiv  so pleas just  coment.                     



badromancebadromance said

Posted 3 weeks ago


alllieeallliee said

Posted 4 weeks ago


folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 5 weeks ago

yes!! thats is my name!! how u know that??? :O

dancerforeverdancerforever said

Posted 5 weeks ago

hey, ya, justin is amazing!! <333

Omg.comOmg.com said

Posted 5 weeks ago

Month 1: Hey mommy I am new and you dont know what I am yet

Month 2: Hey mommy I hope you love me I am growing up and cant wait to get out so we can snuggle

Month 3. I am growing a little bit of hair and am so excited legs are growing and arms too Yay!

Month 4 Whoa almost there I have my legs and arms and are growing really quickly cant wait to meet you

Month 5 Now you know I am a Girl what are you going to name me I really like the name Amber

Month 6 Hey mommy why are we at the doctors again what is he saying what-Ow that hurts what are they-Ow I see a neddle poking through me why OW OW OW

Mommy here I am with a very nice person named Jesus he told me wht Abortion means why didnt you love me I was so excited to be with you well I still love you and will be your pretty little angel named Amber


sugarlove09sugarlove09 said

Posted 2 months ago


folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 2 months ago

i guess that u must be really hot!! :D

ReAnna11ReAnna11 said

Posted 3 months ago

Well thank you very much!

aigina arellanoaigina arellano said

Posted 3 months ago

tnx,,,sa request..:)()

folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 3 months ago

wwhy u said "woow" ?? :D

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