Lorelei is a 13 year old girl living in Skittle World. She has been a member for 2 months, and was last logged on 10 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

my name is lorelei and this is how you pronounceit.... LOR EL I!!! everone keeps getting it wrong!!

ok now lorelei, calm down!!

time for my friends!!

First, it's jinxi, she is so sweet!!

And after her, it's whambam90, i don't know him much;P

Now, it's Pvldemitra38! he's not really my friend, he's my brother( believe it!).

Firemania99 is my friend also, again, i don't know him much.

also.,MinerParker. He's also my brother.:)

hi 1315, she is sweet also!:D

meddy, he is nice

i have other friends.  But this would be too long then! lol.

These are my favorite songs! my top 10.

10. The Beatles: From Me to You

9. Green Day: Warning

8. Them Crooked Vultures: Dead End Friends

7.The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand

6. Green Day: The Static Age

5. John Lennon: Give Peace a Chance

4. Liz Phair: Somebody's Miracle

3. Liz Phair: Count on my Love

2. Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

1. John Lennon: Imagine

 I LOVE GIR!!!!If you read all of this, then please send me a friend request! :)


minimaniaminimania (online here) said

Posted 2 hours ago

i have that avatar the same as you thats really nice

girfan1205girfan1205 said

Posted 2 days ago

thanks and what are u talking about?

micha099194micha099194 said

Posted 2 days ago

how come not im not cool your cool!

girfan1205girfan1205 said

Posted 3 days ago

talking about what?

Princess JJPrincess JJ said

Posted 4 days ago


jacob-bestjacob-best said

Posted 4 days ago

i play sometimes

girfan1205girfan1205 said

Posted 4 days ago

thanks. ;D

bloodybaron159bloodybaron159 said

Posted 5 days ago

nice avatar :)

jackjack1234jackjack1234 said

Posted 6 days ago


girfan1205girfan1205 said

Posted 7 days ago

in fact, i'm gonna move their tonight!! i'll see u there.;D

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