gertrude gertrudier of the gertrudation foundation is a guy living in a place where he is not allowed to say as he is being held captive by osama bin laden who will kill him if he reveals his location but will allow him to play on fltron and nonoba. He has been a member for 17 months, and was last logged on 5 weeks ago.

Gamer Level: 4

Welcome to my profile

  • sup ma homies.






Some advice- Do not mess with the beest(borg). You may aswell commit suicide from the beginning of each and every game when you are faced 1 on 1 with beestborg to save yourself the humiliation of the powerless prevail against the one who is... the beestborg. Your only chances of annihilating this great force is 4  on 1, but still, trust me, i wouldn't risk it. If unwilling to follow this advice, prepare to tremble in fear and meet thy maker. beestborg IS the defintion of ULTIMATE DOMINATION.

R.I.P to all those who went into battle with this universal life force and never made it out to tell the story.


-BERK pwns at games!!




and allen - GET IN THERE!!! IM PROUD OF YOU MY SON. You growing up... it brings a tear of happiness to my eye :')


and all the rest of the best ... you know who you are :)





ark_angelark_angel said

Posted 5 weeks ago

i love lol cats

edonkulationedonkulation said

Posted 5 weeks ago

Gertrude, BB is being really mean to me and taking out his anger at you missing on me..
please come back, i judt don't know what he is capable of :{

Where is JamaalWhere is Jamaal said

Posted 5 weeks ago

This is getting srs.
Come back now.

Edward NygmaEdward Nygma said

Posted 7 weeks ago

are u daid

Ze Doctor said

Posted 7 weeks ago

gerteh omg i miss you

Ze Doctor said

Posted 2 months ago

Omg Jamaal, come bawk.

Obese Wan KenobiObese Wan Kenobi said

Posted 2 months ago

Come back Jamaal :(

Bob SquadBob Squad said

Posted 2 months ago

hey gertrude be one of my friends

JustCurlyJustCurly said

Posted 3 months ago

JJJJJJaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaalllllllllll :D

Princess.sarahPrincess.sarah said

Posted 3 months ago

hi gertrude x

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