midget apple is a 110 year old guy living in australia. He has been a member for 3 weeks, and was last logged on 22 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

  •  my arm is in sling right now
  • as you might have guessed i come from australia and i am a boy i do get on alot i will accept a couple of request aslong as there not from wankers P.S I HATE WANKERS!!!


Him: Ah, finally, I've waited so long.
Her: You want me to leave?
Him: No. I dare to even think about it.
Her: Do you love me?
Him: Of course. Lots!
Her: Have you ever cheated on me?
Him: No! Why are you asking me?
Will you kiss me?
Him: Every time I get the chance!
Her: Will you ever hit me?
Him: Are you crazy? Of course not!
Her: Can I trust you?
Him: Yes.
Her: Darling.
Now Read It Backwards.
 lol its so funny when you read it backwards


people are like slinkies dull and boring on the outside but they put a smile on your face when you push them down the stairs.



hes looking at you


FridgecoreFridgecore said

Posted 8 days ago

and here you are leaving comments to me.You must be a failure sir

the end of ur lifethe end of ur life said

Posted 9 days ago

want to be friends

wiitewiite said

Posted 11 days ago

we prefer the term little apple

hope4luvhope4luv said

Posted 11 days ago

lol i love him and her thing, its hilarious
kinda harsh tho lol:P

bladeboy43bladeboy43 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

i know dey rock a LISTEN TO DEM ALL DA TIMEE LOL.

ark_angelark_angel said

Posted 2 weeks ago

u have the same pic as him exept urs is red not green

ark_angelark_angel said

Posted 2 weeks ago


RavenRAWRRavenRAWR said

Posted 2 weeks ago


ilove16ilove16 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hi =)

joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 2 weeks ago

no lol

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cause it is the 1st everybody edits made!
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one ITS TOTALY EPIC two its got good mulitiplayer
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