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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #1
If you stumble across a stupid news story post the URL for the page you found it on here.

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #2
Online divorce, virtual wife kills virtual husband online.

Captain LuffyCaptain Luffy said

a long time ago | Post #3
Oh yeah, I read about that on Kongregate...Heh, she actually went to the police.

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #4
before the release of little big planet, the game was delayed because there was a song in it that has words from the koran. so Sony recalled all the games and fixed them so the song was no longer in the game, even though the people who made it said that they could patch it instantly with an update the moment the game was first played. but Sony said no and recalled all the games.

Volcano InteractiveVolcano Interactive said

a long time ago | Post #5
Yeh... Morons are everywhere... Luckily not in this thread yet. Oh, and that wife is not virtual, she logged onto and deleted the husband's account. Then, this is why she went to jail: "The alleged virtual murderer has now been jailed for suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data,..."

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #6
-starting in January, Sony is making Trophies in PS3 games mandatory

-Xbox 360 Netflix has lost all the movies that are owned by Sony as Sony doesn't want their movies playing on a Microsoft console

-there is a new Wii Update that blocks the Homebrew Channel by deleting all custom-made channels. so if u are prompted to update, don't do it!

-If you have a obsession with pikachu here's someone you must seek out

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #7
Every year, Child's Play, a charity started by Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade fame helps sick children in hospitals by sending them toys, video games and other things to give these kids some fun.
Last year the Loading Ready Run crew decided to get in on this by doing a video game marathon to support the charity.
The more money people donated, the longer they would have to continue playing. No biggie, right?

Well they decided that it wouldn't be any fun if the game didn't actually physically and mentally hurt to play, and so they chose one of the worst video games/best jokes of all time.... DESERT BUS.
here is wikipedia's entry for this hell hole of a game:

count at time of post:
4days, 4hours, 50min, 0sec
money raised=$54,142.93

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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #8
it is now ILLEGAL IN JAPAN to take a photo of a girl's ass. This is not just upskirts. Even if you just see some girl walking by with a nice ass, taking a picture of it is now illegal. This is all thanks to some douchebag newbie to the whole thing who stalked a lady and took 11 pictures of her ass. Then got caught and the supreme court ruled to make it illegal.

Here is something pathetic

Nintendo sent out press copies of Animal Crossing Wii and it had a character that uses the word "Nigga" everytime it talks as it's ending catchphrase (which you can give them). Nintendo is blaming the internet saying that someone else's character must have gotten into their town in the game, which is possible

looks like they are made a new dragon ball z episode
Dragon Ball Z special 2008
-I watched it, the ending sucks!

Viz Media has decided to save Naruto fansubbers a ton of effort and time. Starting Jan. 15, Viz is going to sub and stream new japanese episodes of Naruto Shippuden a week after they air in Japan
it seems like the service will be free and will just have commercials within the episodes
or they're advertising within the episode, or some weird crap
while this has been done before with some other anime, nothing as big as Naruto has been done before

Japan is now capable of making Jurassic Park. They successfully cloned a dead, frozen mouse, which opens the door to the possibility of bringing back prehistoric creatures if they just get some sort of the genetic material.
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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #10
Some kid shot his parents because they took away his copy of Halo 3. He ended up killing his mom.

Wow, Nintendo. In the new Animal Crossing game, there’s a warning for parents about Mr. Resetti.
“Information for parents - Mr Resetti
It is important that players save before switching off the Wii console in order to retain data after each play session (see Saving Data, above). If players switch off without saving, the character Mr. Resetti may appear upon restarting.
Mr. Resetti's purpose is to teach players the importance of saving. However, parents should be aware that his personality and tone of voice, while intentionally humorous, are authoritative and may be disturbing to young children.”

For those who missed it, here is a review of the 2008 video game awards,

Nintendo is bringing Miis to the DS through a game called “Walk with Me” which is basically an overglorified pedometer.

cheeseybraincheeseybrain said

a long time ago | Post #11
demonic do u relise that ur talking to youself alot of the time

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #12 | in reply to #11

cheeseybraincheeseybrain said

a long time ago | Post #13
do u have to be so cocky aswell and evil

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #14
The new Prince of Persia game is already $20 cheaper after being out for only 2 WEEKS.

Sony is coming out with a patch that lets the current PS3 that can't play PS2 games play the PS2 Singstar games. And ONLY the PS2 Singstar games.

a bunch of writers from the Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy are working on a machinima project.

Final Fantasy Dissidia is hitting the states next Summer

While Sony is apparently working on a PSP2, they're still trying to milk the PSP and will already be releasing ANOTHER version of the PSP next year

Microsoft has admitted that they knew that the 360 could scratch up a disc easily and did nothing about it in production
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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #16
Will apparently, sony's home project is now being used by microsoft to conduct online meetings, personally I think it's just a mind ĵ(|{ to sony.

Sony is apparently saying they may never actually bring Home out of beta and may just keep it there

Just found this:

one fat bastard wedded:

You can hack a laser pointer:

Cambodian couple saw house in half in divorce:
includes picture

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #17
Nintendo's mean, so ĵ(|{1n9 whinny loser trows temper tantrum on web cam

The "Wii-mote" is older than the wii

the company that runs and EGM, among other gaming magazines, has been sold and EGM has been cancelled.

Idiot wanted to make snow angels, she is in trouble for doing so.
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demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #18
A 19-year old's mom unplugged his xbox when her son refused to join the family for dinner and the son retaliated by throwing a taco at her and the mom called the cops and had him arrested.

some guys made a plug-in mod for the Wii that allows it to use SATA Hard Drives as an external hard drive

Circuit City is having liquidation sales in the US, apparently they suck.

Resident Evil 5's US demo is coming out for only one week starting on Jan 26, then apparently they're taking it back down

Check this out,

they announced a new character for FF13. It's a black dude with an afro. Oh, and the dude has a baby chocobo that LIVES IN HIS AFRO

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #19
Lets start with the youtube street fighter game

A review of circuit city's deals on games,

Ubisoft confirmed new Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, and Red Steel sequels are on the way

there's possibly a new Mario & Sonic olympics game in the works that will deal with the Winter Olympics

demonic780demonic780 said

a long time ago | Post #20
Mii Sought in Hit and Run

Sage Advice, but Not Viral Marketing

Mario Explains Relationships for Us
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