Picture pwning (forum game)

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mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

yesterday | Post #21
errr... well its a start XD - rong but its ok lol

so the rocket launcher is destroying the bat? (and u were supposed to kill my dude but o well)

out beat ure missle anytime

WindColorsWindColors said

yesterday | Post #22
I still didn't get it, as usual...

My stupidity and ignorance takes me over again ;)

I'm gonna try, anyways...

U're missile failed his destination ;o


You fool ;O

Lord XLord X (online) said

yesterday | Post #23
I thought I couldnot beat that but maybe this does :O ;P

mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

yesterday | Post #24
it didnt work D= - rlly im confused now about the game XD - lets just go with the flow >.>


mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

16 hours ago | Post #25
btw lord X, if u cant pwn it (u didnt XD) make a knew topic (picture)

Lord XLord X (online) said

4 hours ago | Post #26 | in reply to #25
lol u got me i was waiting for someone else maybe to reply cuz i didnot find anything... UNTIL NOW ;P
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