Picture pwning (forum game)

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mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

2 days ago | Post #1
my friend made a website, i rlly dont liek it XD (ixigaming.net) - but i love the forums
we started a game called picture pwning, it got famous so... yeah
i wanted to play it here =D


1. Post a picture of the previous picture. Picture quote is optional

2. Make sure the picture can relate to the picture, Like.. The picture is getting pwnt or something. ;D

3. If You can't find a way to pwnt the picture. Post another type of picture.

4. You can only post to pwn the current pic.

5. You cannot pwn yourself.

6. You can't use the same picture or almost related picture that was posted already.

7. Have Fun! =P

mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

2 days ago | Post #2
SADLY theres no flash .-.
so post the link >.>


superslinger52superslinger52 said

2 days ago | Post #3

WindColorsWindColors said

2 days ago | Post #4

mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

2 days ago | Post #5

cut it ;D
Post #6 deleted

X Lord XX Lord X said

2 days ago | Post #7
Mintmojitolover I think I saw you in the market :O ;P

enter2333enter2333 said

2 days ago | Post #8
come on yes pic pwning

WindColorsWindColors said

2 days ago | Post #9
That sounded like an orgasm...


Lord XLord X said

2 days ago | Post #10
orgasm wha..t? lol what win you just made me look like that :

WindColorsWindColors said

2 days ago | Post #11
I waz talking about the other guy.. the conversation he was having looked like an orgasm ;b

about your picture... wtf is that?! xD


Lord XLord X said

2 days ago | Post #12
OOH , Dont give me ur WTF face cuz I will give you my impossible cube :O and then your face is really WTF :O?

WindColorsWindColors said

2 days ago | Post #13

If i were a cat, i wouldn't waste my time with rubik cubes o.O

If i were one, i would be teasing and flirting the ladies... i would be just like this guy


Ready for smexy time with the giirrrlllsss XD

Lord XLord X said

2 days ago | Post #14 | in reply to #13
:O you know the thread " Arcade crashed :O " was locked and that probably we were off topic.. anyways lol ur more of a dog... and BEHAVE on the forums & I'll give u cheese :O XD
Last edited 2 days ago

WindColorsWindColors said

2 days ago | Post #15
LOL, i'm so mean ;b

At least that's a hairy dog... It completes me then xDDD

I gotta go now, i will live a pic tomorrow answering your... insult? ;b


mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

yesterday | Post #16
u guyz r playing horribly rong .-.

ure supposed to mess up my pocket knife or somthin
ill start again


RavenMacRavenMac said

yesterday | Post #17
Well, i hope im a playin this right then...


superslinger52superslinger52 said

yesterday | Post #18
mint,up yours!!!!!!

mintmojitolovermintmojitolover said

yesterday | Post #19
there we gooooo =D

but ure weopons no good

Lord XLord X said

yesterday | Post #20
hope am playing it right like this.. :O

A Baseball Bat ;p?
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