Austin is a 15 year old guy living in Arizona. He has been a member for 25 months, and was last logged on 11 days ago.
Austin has a website at http://badgerbadgerbadger.com/

Gamer Level: 7

Welcome to my profile



EmoliciousoverratedEricEmoliciousoverratedEric said

Posted 6 weeks ago

yo, little OG long time no see

the guestthe guest said

Posted 4 months ago

ME haha surely you remember me!....it was only a few months ago!

brewbrewXxbrewbrewXx said

Posted a long time ago

Well here it is...the long awaited Christmas message :P ...As we've just had a rather enjoyable argument with alex in the snake lobby I think I'll just end on a positive note by saying....

!! !! MILK SUCKS !! !! :P I win ;]

Oh...I almost forgot... MERRY CHRISTMAS fluff <3 and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR to go with it :P

...even if you're grounded :P

brewbrewXxbrewbrewXx said

Posted a long time ago

Ahww fluff <3 - i just missed you in the lobby :( haven't seen you in aaages! :/ You're like my multiplayer snake big brother lol..except you're younger than me :P ... but seriously - you know how I need someone to force me to go to bed on time lol D: its almost 5am! >_>

..although fluff - I have sad news...I think I'm becoming less addicted to snake - I hardly play any more :O

So if we're both online at the same time you'd better come and hunt me down so we can have a game :P

vi1rusvi1rus said

Posted a long time ago

fluffy snake is working again :D

vi1rusvi1rus said

Posted a long time ago

Yes i know snake is down .. lol are u still playing stick arena ?? u should tell me when u are on then i will come too ... See u soon ciao

TonyStewartfan14TonyStewartfan14 said

Posted a long time ago

want to friends

XXQuartzXX said

Posted a long time ago

hey sweet how are ya :)

not heard from ya for a while

hope all is well



Posted a long time ago

make meh

ic2000ic2000 said

Posted a long time ago

u better say hi!

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