alex evans is a 111 year old guy living in ashley kimbler's bed :3. He has been a member for 27 months, and was last logged on one hour ago.

Gamer Level: 7

Welcome to my profile

sup my name is alex evans

my best freinds are:

Teresa the dark angel

Ashleyhotgothmodel                    Tay Bay~                                    status: taken    \                                                                                      mood: happy :D 



teresa the nekoteresa the neko (online) said

Posted 7 minutes ago

hai bro

teresa the dark angelteresa the dark angel said

Posted 2 hours ago

bro can u inbox me

mz.hottie1234mz.hottie1234 said

Posted yesterday

cuz i wasnt dunn listing ppl

dannyflip97dannyflip97 said

Posted yesterday

when people say fake i think that means there jelous

Katie BKatie B (online) said

Posted yesterday


aigina arellanoaigina arellano said

Posted yesterday


Comment by mz.hottie1234 is hidden because it has a score of -2. Click here to show

mz.hottie1234mz.hottie1234 said

Posted 2 days ago

its me angiee23 i gt hacked

PlumatusPlumatus said

Posted 2 days ago

Oi where are u?

kayla99kayla99 said

Posted 5 days ago

good you ? :D

Angiee23Angiee23 said

Posted 8 days ago

ohh noo im srri ill put yhu up there:)

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