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emily em is a 15 year old girl living in UsA. She has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on yesterday.

Gamer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile

Wells hello there so.... about me i guess.

   Im blonde

   Im an anime freak :D

   Love all my animals

   Uh im outgoing

   i love to cook and do things out doors such as : camping, fishing, horse back riding. ect

   Love my music

           and i loves my friends

  Im easy to love <3 soooo love me back



 Two step ah two step, ah jiggy wit it, now get jiggy with it, now two step ah two step....

  Do that thang up mami make it roll, Once you pop pop lock it for me girl get low, if your mama gave it to you baby girl let it show 

       My lips like sugar. and im sweet like, im sweet like sugar :) do me that favor cause i like the flavor sugar is good for this player...

      You can have whatever you like, baby i can treat u so nice :) as long as u got me you wont need no body else :D

      Sexy can i, hit it from the front then hit it from the back know u like it like that then we take it to the bed then we take it to the floor

ima be shacking my hips your gonna be lickin your lips :D

So hold me when im here, rob me when im wrong, hold me when im scared, and love me when im gone. everything i am and everything in me whats to be the one u wanted me to be, all never let you down even if i could id give up everything if only for your good so hold me when im here, rob me when im wrong hold me when im scared, cause i wont always be there so love me when im gone.

Ok sooo i just noticed this say nothing about my looks ok well

1 im blonde

2 im tall sort of i guess im normal

3 i weigh 115

4 i love skinny jeans dark stuff though im not goth or emo or w.e

5 haha im a totally flirt and um well i can get dirty so carefull

6 i love hugs haha


So my friends list

 some of my besties are:

 melly.cares ~ melly

 eastside ~ jonathan (mine no touching :P he is the bestest bf anyone could have, i would be totally lost without him he has been through alot with me and made me stop bad happits i love you babe) 

fallenhero ~jake

 platy ~ we have a handshake hehe

 nano hell boy ~ jason

gayguy ~ shane (no he isnt gay stop asking!)

sam :D ~ thats his name lol

agama ~ john yesh

zeenon ~

shadow guard commander ~ jake? idk cant remember.... sorry

jessie ~ thats her wonderful name

jonathanTHEBANNED~ idk if i got that right..so girls guess what his name is, and for all the girls he is single and looking for someone great! please contact him he will love you girls he doesnt like anyone right now sooo nows your chance!  


jimbo~ he is the funnies guy and a great friend! and he always has the best taco's but watch out cause he will tackle you :P

hellokitty! ! ~ or as I CALL HER kitty lolz :D

if i forgot you tell me and i will addz u if i like you :P

I CAME HERE TO MAKE U DANCE TONIGHT, I DONT CARE IF IM A GUILTY PLEASURE FOR YOU... i came here to make u dance tonight and i dont care if im a guilty pleasure for you, so shut up cause we are getting down till the suns comming up

The cutest girl you can ever meet. Most emily's have the most beautiful eyes which if stared in to long you may lose track of time. They also have the nicest body and the cutest smile. Emily's are the cutest most beautiful girls you may ever get to know. If you know an emily then you are considered lucky they will never leave you and is always there for you and you can trust them no matter what. If you date an emily never let them go, they will be your best friend for life no matter what through thick or thin


shes on top, she must be an emily

Emilys don't care what others think. However, they care about themselves. They don't dress up for OTHERS, they dress up because they WANT to look good. Emilys are very open and gentle. These girls are creative to the max and tend to have artistic abilities. Emilys are fantastic friends and are absolutely adorable. If you find an Emily, hold onto her. She's a keeper.


haha :D just some my name means...sexy cute, pretty ect i know its weird lol


OH guess what eastside is my teacher... and more lol :P ^_^




 JONATHAN :D I LOVERS YOU hey baby i love you so much :) ima call u every friday and we will talk forever haha untill u fall asleep and i wont ever let you go even if u try :p ^_~ wish you were here right now holding me! i love u sweetheart your my everything <3 






roguealisciousroguealiscious (online) said

Posted 4 days ago

Happy Early Birthday!

roguealisciousroguealiscious (online) said

Posted 4 days ago

My B-Day is May 17th

KirbytKirbyt said

Posted 6 days ago

Hello. Laura told me about you.

roguealisciousroguealiscious (online) said

Posted 6 days ago

cool profile i'ma anime nerd to

pacgirlpacgirl said

Posted 8 days ago

helo kitty knew to nonoba

Madmadness65Madmadness65 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

SEIZURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pain The HedgehogPain The Hedgehog said

Posted 2 weeks ago


mario augustomario augusto (online here) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

you and a very beautiful girl, pity it did not fall in love er Brazilian kkkk

eastside214eastside214 said

Posted 4 weeks ago

well what other notes???

HelloKItty13014HelloKItty13014 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

y aint i on there em ????

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