Aurora diana_s123 is a 110 year old girl. She has been a member for almost a year, and was last logged on 2 months ago.

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Welcome to my profile

hi im aurora .i know it used to say diana but that was my fake name . i like acting and stuff like that. I ONLY ACCEPT PEOPLE I KNOW IN THE REAL WORLD SO DONT SEND ME A REQUEST IT WILL BE DENIED!!!!

so any way i like chinese food and designing clothes. reading is a big part of my life. i alelways have my nose in a book! in fact im reading something while i write this! lol!

aurora rose!


gfachick01gfachick01 said

Posted 6 weeks ago


strawberryfizzpopstrawberryfizzpop said

Posted 7 months ago

hi ilike ur omg tost thing were did u get it plz add me
p.s iluv twilight 2

dingle berrydingle berry said

Posted 7 months ago

add me and ill add u

Rock HardRock Hard said

Posted 8 months ago

y wont i see emily

pacguy1234567890pacguy1234567890 said

Posted a long time ago

diana_s123 your a skank why did you say that to me i dont know you bich

hotbitch1 said

Posted a long time ago

ok i am sorry and i dont hate u just plz leave me alone =]

diana_s123diana_s123 said

Posted a long time ago

you look older

ACtress Alex savannah GACtress Alex savannah G said

Posted a long time ago

ya ive been in plays and yes it me

samantha1995samantha1995 said

Posted a long time ago

hey diana this is makala and that isnt kathryn!! that is courtney!! and i dont think court is gonna be coming on anymore soo yah

Rock HardRock Hard said

Posted a long time ago

hi didi

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