makayla samantha or sam is a 13 year old girl living in usa. She has been a member for 15 months, and was last logged on 9 days ago.

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Welcome to my profile

hey im sam u can call me sam or sammy im 11 and i luv fridge magnets soo thats where u usually find me btw my profile pic is ME!(oh yeah btw im going for 1000 friends and 1000 comments ok help me do that ill try to update of how many i have as often as i can and right now i have like 233*come on thats on 11 from last time!* friends and only 155*thats only 10 from last time!* comments ttyl send me a comment and add me plz!!plz!i need to get to 1000! comment and add me as a friend!!!! ok but dont leave a comment that id rather not see! 

heres a lil bit about me

my fav color at the moment is neon green and hot pink as u can see

fave movie is twilight or yes man or new moon 

fav book is searching for davids heart *at the moment*

single waiting to see what happens =[

taken again ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ =[

even im confused if im taken or single its so confusing!!!! but oh wellzz

 but i love him a lot!!!

i am making a youtube account w/ 2 of my best friends hannah and allyson and i will give u links if u want them ! =] so happy ally got a laptop for christmas this year and our youtube channel is in the process of everything it takes a lot! didnt think it would take this much but oh wellz <3

1995 was not the year i was born

my fav music is prolly everything but 2 people i love at the moment the most is prolly taylor swift and justin bieber!!!!ahh justin bieber is soo hott <33 <33 <33 but i do have lots of favorite songs just not my fav artists but my fav artists r justin bieber and taylor swift(:

hahahahaha luvz uu ttyl

u will find out as u talk to me more that i tend to like a lotta guys at one time(: but at least im not a lesbo*no offense* uhmz am on the volleyball team and am #23

if u want diff pics lemme know i have diff ones....when i say im waiting to see what happens i mean i have a bf but we r kinda fighting ): as of right now and waiting to see where it goes and hopefully it will go good if we start talking again well...ttyl

wanna konw anything else message me! or leave a comment!!! (: <3




Posted 5 weeks ago

Dont lie, he is not hot.

samantha1995samantha1995 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

justin bieber is too HOTT! i luv him (:


Posted 6 weeks ago

Justin Beiber is NOTTT HOTTT! I dont know how you could think such a thing...

SSJGoku21SSJGoku21 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

Long time, No see! :D

samantha1995samantha1995 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

lol i didnt see this till after i knew u were back (: i miss u!!! i wanna talk u havent been on when i was!

diana_s123diana_s123 said

Posted 3 months ago

hi makala helping ya with your comments

joey520joey520 said

Posted 3 months ago

heyy text when u get time! bc I AM BORD

samantha1995samantha1995 said

Posted 3 months ago

lol thnx i never knew my room was that cool its okay wish i did sumthing diff with it my parents said next time i could redo it was when i turned 15 lol another 4 years i have to deal with it

samantha1995samantha1995 said

Posted 3 months ago

omg lol thnx i never knew my room was so cool i hate it lol and thats only half of it haha but i dont hate it completely i just rather have a diff type of room

Xanthe12Xanthe12 said

Posted 3 months ago

i love your room!!!!!
OMG lol

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