Chainblaze is a 11 year old guy living in Scotland, United Kingdom. He has been a member for 9 months, and was last logged on 2 weeks ago.
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Welcome to my profile

Nonoba Racer Skills
Herr_Brenner - Unstoppable.
Without this attack, Herr_Brenner would be easy to beat, but this attack makes him a god of Nonoba Racer. He uses this move approximately 101% of the time he plays. You might beat Herr_Brenner one or twice in a row, but that doesn't make you better than him. A lot of people ask him how does he do it, but the answer is unknown. The name says it all, this attack makes him... UNSTOPPABLE!
Palmerain - Speedy Comeback
Palmerain is just like you and me, but this attack will make him get colossal lap times and amazing records. Sometimes he is last in a race against some other good people in the first lap and about to cross the line but Palmerain will not give in. He will immediately use his large afterburner and blast off into the distance. Only few people can do this and not crash. Chances are you are leading and someone comes into the same room as you. You take a quick glance at them and say hello. When you look back, Palmerain will have his large afterburner on and will be flying past you in a matter of milliseconds. I would honestly say that this skill makes Palmerain a living legend at nonoba racer. There is more than one living legend though..
I also have a Special Skill
Chainblaze - Powersliding Maniac
Chainblaze always uses this move as it helps him to get super speedy lap times. This move is really hard to do when you have a large afterburner on but Chainblaze is one of the special ones who can pull this of picture perfectly. This move is very risky even with max grip because there is a 70% chance that you will crash into the barricade. Even I cannot avoid the barricade every time and I never will be able to. I have been using this move for only 3 days and I am trying to master it.
Watch out for Herr_Brenner, Palmerain and Chainblaze!!!


sgsuhsgsuh said

Posted 6 months ago


sgsuhsgsuh said

Posted 6 months ago

crash FCVC4444


Posted 7 months ago


whambam90whambam90 said

Posted 8 months ago

hi its gregor

ChainblazeChainblaze said

Posted 8 months ago

thank you for reminding me

ToksikishToksikish said

Posted 8 months ago

Yo, good game man, although a little leak happened at the end. ahhaahhaaa

DarkDestroyDarkDestroy said

Posted 8 months ago

nice profile! :D

dominic361dominic361 said

Posted 8 months ago

lol nice, hi :D

ChainblazeChainblaze said

Posted 8 months ago

of you wanna join the tournament then you can but thee is either 3 or 19 players. if you can find as much players as possible that would be great


Posted 8 months ago

wassup m8 are u gonna put me in group a in starland tourney!!!! cheers bud

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