Calvin is a 13 year old guy living in ROCK on l_l. He has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on 3 days ago.

Gamer Level: 5

Welcome to my profile


My name is calvin and welcome to my profile :P

 i am a 13 year old boi.

you can add me i dont bite >.<

if you want to get to know me better

just ask me for my msn.


calvinbudcalvinbud said

Posted 2 weeks ago

i remember you all :)

Joebo Lakerunner20Joebo Lakerunner20 said

Posted 2 months ago

hi calvin. remember me?

adjectiveadjective said

Posted 3 months ago

wat clan did you join calvin do an in box wen you get this message and ask can i be in it

adjectiveadjective said

Posted 4 months ago

r u going to come to zero arena were killing them all

calvinbudcalvinbud said

Posted 4 months ago

ok when i see him around i will invite him

adjectiveadjective said

Posted 4 months ago

Calvinbud Knuckles 1998 wants to join the clan

calvinbudcalvinbud said

Posted 4 months ago

Hi i am calvin

Welcome to my nonoba profile xD
i used to be so bored but when my friend
told me bout nonoba i went for it and i think its relly coool. My aim is to make at least 10 friends Help me do that plz "/

hope you coment or add me thx

madsmartapplemadsmartapple said

Posted 4 months ago

remember me? from sa? (shock arena):P

UberEggzUberEggz said

Posted 4 months ago

Hi remember me from shock arena


Posted 5 months ago

lets play

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