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Lex da awesomest chica eva is a 14 year old girl living in de da de da...wait what???. She has been a member for 6 months, and was last logged on 2 weeks ago.

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Welcome to my profile

notice: this page has just been HACKEDD by the oh soo awesomest...RandomOne!!! enjoy (: 

         this is me

HIYA! i'm alex (alexandra). u can call me alex,or lexi, or alli, but i prefer lex.

i'm 14. i'm taken now single...


i broke up with my bf...

(long story).

my fav animal is a zebra!!! i love photography and sports and my fav color

is pink n green.i am not

a fake, i hate those kindda peoples, and

i love my haterz, they make me famous.i

have braces n i hate them sooo much!!!

i'm really fun to be around and i'm real funny(that's wat my friends tell me, at least),i have a puppy (toy poodle) named lola and i looovvve her soo much. i love meeting new people,and i love to talk, once i start it's hard to stop(like now...)so TALK TO MEH!!! x]  well idk what

else 2 if u want to no anything else,just ask, and i'll respond.message me if u want, i'll rite back. n plz send a request,and i'll accept!!! plz leave a comment!!! :D


               xD buh-bye xD



                             MY PUPPEH LOLA!!!

   Soooo Cute Awwww! How Cute.  




 i like it  

 Strike a Pose!

  This pic is so cute

Best Friends 

<<that's my [still] bff Katelynn Symons. we met at that camp thing. [i'm the one with the long hair] 10 or 11 yrs old.

<<that's her now [Katelynn]



   <<i was helping my lil sis finish her project.           

<<me with my baby sis Emma.

<<my baby sis Emma, 9 mths.

<<my lil sis Becka, 5 [and my dad] when we went camping.

<<my older sis Alice, 17. [school pic]



    xXxX    single xXxX






Smile            haha wait what?          



&SHE    Bored   No, we are Not Drunk


GiRlS aRe LiKe PhOnEs        Love....forever&always 


                    Neon Love Animated Hearts        

                                           zebra (love)


If ur gonna take something off my profile, that's fine, but just say that u got it from me...but ask me b4 u do take anything...kthx :D

 Pretty girls...        butterfly







 Zebra Hearts


  Sparkling Pink Heart   i <3 hearts  Sparkling Pink Heart







THANK U  RandomOne,


HELPED ME W/  MY CSS STUFF!!! i luv her  2 much xD


 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  



ADD ME!!! :D



 Glitter Text Generator


   [: KTHXBYE :]




heyy!!!  RandomOne waz here!!! HACK HACK HACKEDD! haha (: luv ya <3 byee (:  



 ^_^ i'm bored!!! talk 2 meh :D




sofa~king~amazingsofa~king~amazing said

Posted 2 weeks ago

thanks:) i love all yur zebra stuff:) its pimp:) i like yur hearts too:)

jbwoojbwoo said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Yoo said hi. o___o

*Courtney**Courtney* said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Heyy i lovez the profiile add me! :)

RandomOneRandomOne said

Posted 4 weeks ago

yup...thank u chicky :)

fallenhero64fallenhero64 said

Posted 4 weeks ago


R3dhawkR3dhawk said

Posted 4 weeks ago

hai frend reqest accepted ^ =]

blade4blade4 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

blade was here -_-

JackieeD0llJackieeD0ll said

Posted 2 months ago

lovee yuur profilee<33

Yu-Gi-OhrokzYu-Gi-Ohrokz said

Posted 2 months ago

Were did u meet Katlynn @? IT kind of lookz like Camp Sherwood...Ive been there!

ItsAbbyItsAbby said

Posted 2 months ago

hey can i take that pic of that sparkly butterfly off?? and but it on mine???hey wanna be friends??? send me a request!

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