Favorite Games for 404

These are the games that 404 likes to play

Multiplayer tetris onlineMultiplayer tetris online
Tetris! I was pretty much raised on this game.
Chain Reaction FireworksChain Reaction Fireworks
I love paying money for things!
Race to the BottomRace to the Bottom
Highscores make this game into pure, unfiltered awesome.
Cursor x 10 Cursor x 10
Great execution of a concept, probably one of my favorite flash games ever.
Portal: The Flash VersionPortal: The Flash Version
How could I not "fave" this one?
Untangle 1.2Untangle 1.2
why not?
Not Another Space GameNot Another Space Game
Fun little strategy game.
hm... what to say? I know! I'll draw you a picture!
Fridge MagnetsFridge Magnets
The letters...so...compelling...
I made this! Heargh!
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