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Welcome to my profile

*ahem* Good people of Nonoba. I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that my profile is now devoid of both and the trippy color-changing shooter. In their place is now my very first forray into the magical land of AS3. As you can see, it has some lovely 3D effects which are lovably lovely.


Oh, and click to start playing.


It might not work if your browser runs on a special kind of Flash (you know who you are...) as CS4 gets a little crabby about empty arrays. Fun times. Just press "Dismiss All." Flash will shut up and leave you alone.



I've heard that pictures on your profile are all the rage these days. Also that all the cool kids are doing it. (Although you might think otherwise, those sentences have no connection)


In honor of me both wanting to be a cool kid, and joining in on interweb memefads, here is a picture I found at someplace which is loosely related to my screen name.




Thank you, that is all.




Nope, that's not all. I lied. Today, August 8th 2009, is a monumental occasion. Has anyone heard of the game Everyday Shooter? Don't answer that, I don't really care. I'm just making conversation.




I just played through level 4 in the game, made it 44% of the way through the level with a score of 404 points. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.



Oh hey, here's a picture of what asteroids looked like before Nonoba even existed. That's right folks, I've been here at nonoba so long, I was here before it even existed. 



KC ManagraKC Managra said

Posted yesterday

I didn't actually, so sure, I;ll take it, it'll look good with the decidedly better 404 I got a few days before that one.

the guestthe guest said

Posted yesterday

I accidently quit off after like 7 hours....dam,

Is that Old MPA photo on your profile real??

the guestthe guest said

Posted yesterday

Iv got a game of bridgerunner going right now, i Will complete it, but i have still got 6 hours to the next bridge.....

brewbrewXxbrewbrewXx said

Posted 7 days ago

Hah - I just finished watching 'Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog', and thought I'd express my gratitude to you for finding such a amusing Joss Whedon-ish piece of cinematic gold...or should that be computer screen-ish gold - does 'cinematic' have to involve actual cinema screens?

...I will have to Google this. >_>

ehh - I'll do it later...I'm sure my incoherent babble somehow got my point across - Joss Whedon is awesome. :P

Happy Holidays 404! :3

KC ManagraKC Managra said

Posted 10 days ago

Merry Christmas 404, put down the FlashCS4 and eat some turkey for a day :3

StefanStefan said

Posted 10 days ago

Merry Christmas!

julieangel122julieangel122 said

Posted 10 days ago

Merry Christmas 404! I hope it's filled with awesomeness and snow ball fights ;) And I hope your crazy uncle who's a giantflowerpotlogist brings you can amazing gift :P

julieangel122julieangel122 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

We could always use more 404'ness around :3

404404 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Don't worry, I have imminent plans of cloning myself.

jsheppardjsheppard (online) said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Nonoba needs more 404

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