*- Dianaa is myy babee forever!;) *10/27/10* is a 14 year old guy living in With My Baby Diana ifly Para Siempre baby ツ <33 ✯. He has been a member for 11 months, and was last logged on 14 hours ago.
*- Dianaa is myy babee forever!;) *10/27/10* has a website at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeBDJMmhzTQ&feature=related

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Welcome to my profile

(- 10-27-10 <33333333

iiLoveeYouuu Babeee!:)

Too myy babee!:)


Dah name iz fernando aka ~smil3y~ ima mexican hav fkin alot of friendz homiez & buddyz =) herez sumppl dat mean dah world 2 me -> Taken by dah best grl in dah world diz iz mii nd ma babyz sonq te amo babe (:


 Stauts: Toqether fooever ii lovee youu babee alomst 5 months toqether (: 1 andd ahh half dayy forever!<333 (: 

Mood: Dianaa <333 (:


 Somee of thee other buddiees!<333:) Myy Bestieee is thee 1 in thee bottomm sheee besst bruhh likee noo fuxxkinqq liee! shee is!:) and thee restt aree jusst likee thee bestt duhh lmaoo!:)

JAnette ZAVala-ErikKA owns (]My big Sis Yuli own (] only them! No stealing or Any of that shxt! - youu holdd the key to my heartt 3

Thesee ppl. downn here aree dahh most important ppl. inn myy life andd theyy thee besst!:)-> diana aka ~smil3y 4 ever~ she iz ma gf nd iloveher shez dhaa bezt grl in dhaa world && imaa dhaa luckeztt personn alive 2 hav her(: she meanz more dan dahh world 2 mii shez mahh grl 4ever nd nothnq or nobdy iz qonna tear iz apart shez funni kool cute awsume nd str8,no matter wat she will alwayz b mahh grl ill alwayz b by ur side baby>33 [[= our sonq iz para siempre by dj sancho [= ifly baby>3333 (:Or Arelyy aka *suqerlovee* shee iss soooo fuxxkinqq awesomee likee mee of courseee haha!:) well shee prettyy funny amazinqq awesomee anddd ahh qood buddyyy!:] BBF!:) Monique aka suqarlove shez mahh sis nd she fkinn awsumee funni Azs hell lmfao shez dee B.O.M.B nice kool amazinq!(: nd we q0t eachothaz back! so dnt fk wit us...(: Or Briqhton aka ~BaiiiGrl~ shez mahh buddie nd we dee bestbuddiezzeverz duhh lmao well shez funni kool str8 & nice[= nd we will alwayz b buddie foreverzz!(: & our sonq iz come back to me by dj sancho :) Or mah homegrl Monicaa aka mahh Chola lol well shez kool str8 2 talk 2 funni nd iz dee sht & mii & her R qonna b homiez foreverz(: Or Candii PeReZ she iz dhaaa sht nd we qot eachothaz back shez funni kool(: nd we qonna be homiezz 4 alonq time lolz(: Or mahh buddie evannyy aka NicePrettyGirl shezz funni kool awsumee nd iz a qood buddie(: Our sonq iz Be By My Side by deestylistic (: Or Lovley shez mahh buddie evanny sis shez funni kool nd a awsumee buddie nd iz nice 2(: Or Talia shez 1 of mahh bestfriendzz(: shez kool funni awsume nd a qood bestiee :) our sonq is somebody like you by lil tweety (: Or SEXiiBAB3 shezz mahh homietaa shez str8 kool funni str8 2 talk 2 (: Or Serena shezz mahh shortiee lolz(: nd no matter waht i got her back(: shez funni kool cute str8 & awsume!..!(: Or Jenny aka kRZy bEAuTIfuL shezz ma homegrl nd mahh gf homegrl 2 she str8 nd no fkz wit her either(: Or Aby aka Lil Aby shezz kool awsumee buddiee(: nd 1 of deee best buddie ever!>!! (: Or Mahh buddie Cindy aka CINDY~ shezz mahh bestt buddiee(: kool aswumee nd noez how 2 make mii lauqh lolz (: Or mahh homitaa nataly aka la ladiie smoker shezz mahh homitaaa shezz funni str8 chill kool nd dahh sht noo matterz wat wee alwayzz qonna B homiez 4 lifee(: ndd NoBdy fkz wit herr..(: btw she lovez chocolate(: so dnt hate on ihtt(: Or mii sis clarii aka .RoCkR. shezz funni awsumee kool str8 nd mahh aswumee sis!!.[= soo dnt fk wit her if yuhh doo ur azz iz qonna qet fked up well ily sis yuhh dahh B.O.M.B!(:  <- dez ppl mean dhaa world 2 mii so no1 fkz wit dem or i fk witt yuhh nd Dnt HaTe Mii CuZ yUhH AInT Mii Bitxxhes

HEy carnal!! Como estas!!wll yoo imm here tuuh showw somee lov for mii carnal!he st8 he tru,he nice and he is funnie!! kikA** homitto!!he da besst and he will alwayss be mi homitto no matta wahht!!!:.wll don f* witt hmm Nataly wazz here 12-3-10 8:33pm 


Friends Forever

*~BabiiGrl~*-kRZy bEAuTIfuL.

monica herrera10-12-10_211-2-3.jpg picture by maria_2010_06 -Lovley-

sugarlove09 la ladiie smokrserena97 .RoCkR.  KrZii




 Hehe Mii && Damary We Noe We Dhaa Bezt!!(:


Mii Sponqebob^^ && Damary Patrick Best Buddiezz!!(:    

Cute Cookie Monster

Yeaa We Hella Cutee jeje(: Mii Nemo && Briqhton Squirt (: F+B=BeZztFriiEnDzZ!(: vv


smiley 4 ever.


smiley 4 ever. 

 My babee^^ iloveyuhhh babee

iflyy yuu babee :.D+F.:=TrueLoveForever









 Letterzz fromm amiqaazz && hermanaazz  (:



Heyy Wahts Up Taliia iiHs Here Tew Show How Mucho ii Luhve Yuh Boii!! We Are Cuhziins!!! Soo We Been Threww Our Ups&Downs!! Soo Yuhr Just Mii Besst Hermanoo..!!! Muah!!!!  


Hey Whuts Up Its Damary Here Aka .RoCkR. But Anyways As iBraq About This Boy He Is Thee Most Awsome Guy Ever !! So Dont Fucc With Hym Because Yewr Fuccin With Me Okay !! Well Mucho Amor Por Tu Hermanoo <3 <3 !! Te Amo Fernandoo !! ↓Fucc Her ↓↓ 


❤✰ HEyy..iiTZ Meh suqarlove09 on me HerMaNOz pqe..!..well wat can iisay?..he iz AwMaziiNqLy AwSuM,CuTe,FuNNy,KWL..!...He iiZ DhA BESt...MUahhzz...i LuhV<33...Yuh iiZ DhA SHytt..! Nd whYy Wud SuMoNe WNa HaTe oN SuMoNq ThiZ AwMaZiiNq?...JaJa..Well He iiZ AwSUm So Add HyM..!.Nd iiF Yyuh FucC WiiT HyM ThN Yyuh Fucc WiT Mehh..!A'iqhTT?..Well iiMa Out..! WAs Heaa Att 6:51p.m onn 11.22.10.!!!!>.MuaHAzz..!.MuCHo LuhV Mi AMoR Por Vida Y SemPrE<33! ✰❤ 

heyy pplz wll da grull be ladiie smokr aka nataly stoppn bii to shoo mi carnal    ~SMILEY~ some amorr broo yher aweomee!!! he is funnie hilariouss yuu mess with himm niqqa te las vezz con miggo primero!!!!<3 take carre Fernando mi homiiee

il and hacking him && shezz mahh wifee vv[:






smiley 4 ever. said

Posted 3 hours ago

OMG Guess Who Loves You Too ;D

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted 20 hours ago

Yupp ![;

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

Oh Thats Kool I Guess? ;D

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

Nadaa WBU BAB3 ?

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

Yeaaa (;

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

Umm Nvm..

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

&& Is YouR Birthday Someday In August ? I Think That How you spell it ;O

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

&& Is YouR Birthday Someday In August ? I Think That How you spell it ;O

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday

Nopee You Said Oct The 2 But, It's October TWo !!BIG DIFFRENCE !!;D

smiley 4 ever. said

Posted yesterday


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idk y but juzz fun lmao
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