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Welcome to my profile

hey guys my name is david i like playing ps3 or xbox360 walking my dog i am a nice guy when u get to know me i might get kinda mean thats just me. i have 2 dogs stan and fluffy both died

:( my fav food is chicken and potato , french toast thats all! folks send request comment u dont have to tho!bye:)!




 info about me

my fav band is blink 182 and angeals and airwaves

i like dogs

my fav games to play is modern warfare 2

and assisons creed 1 and 2

my fav food is baken

i like steak too

i like playing football

i do not like cats but i have 1 as a pet now just to see how they are

my fav songs

go             blink 182

the end     the beatles

im lost without you     blink 182

last of the american girls    greenday

sulfer     slikpnot

 down with the sickness

chop suey!  systeam of down

the adventure   angeals and airwavws

something    the beatles 

ob la de ob la da      the beatles

i me mine    the beatles

thats it! :D


kaely11kaely11 said

Posted 2 days ago


cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 3 days ago

ehy dude jow old r u? just wondering im 13

sgt davidsgt david said

Posted 3 days ago


ismael killerismael killer said

Posted 3 days ago

wat sup man


Posted 4 days ago

I dont know who you are but okay

Shadow Guard Commander T700Shadow Guard Commander T700 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

yay im on the list and i have the longest name on the list!!!

kenishakenisha said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hey wad up?

sgt davidsgt david said

Posted 2 weeks ago


Billie_Joe_ArmstrongBillie_Joe_Armstrong said

Posted 2 weeks ago

add me!
9th comment!

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cause i pwn never die
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lol its weird
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