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Stick Arena: Ballistick
Stick Arena: Ballistick

Stick Arena: Ballistick


Move: Arrow Keys, WASD
Attack: Click (Left Mouse Button), Space Bar, Numpad 0
Leaderboard: Shift, B, 1
Chat: Enter, T
Walk: V, \ (Backslash)


Take down your opponents with 12 weapons including The new Flamethrower, Chain Gun, Railgun, Chain Saw, Laser Sword, and Tesla Helmet. Or, kick it oldschool with the original Katana, AK-47, Sledgehammer, Shotgun, Baseball Bat, or Glock. Battle it out the new Space Lab and Sky Islands maps, or classic Office, Construction Yard and Sewers settings.
A game with the same style of zero arena

This is only a demo version


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5 days ago, by newbrew~
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