Elmo Mr. Turd in a blanket is a 14 year old guy living in the black hole in the center of the galaxy.. He has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on 2 weeks ago.

Gamer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile

I am Zero, I like modding Xbox 360's and games, if you have an Xbox 360 I reccomend you flashing it, you can play burned games and the discs are like 30 bucks for 20 of em' thats like 2-3 dollars a game! And I don't know about CSS coding yet so no pretty pictures...:(


ZeroXL91ZeroXL91 said

Posted 5 months ago

Xp? lol

mikaelhmakalenamikaelhmakalena said

Posted 5 months ago

first to comment Xp
accept my friend request

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