Dustin Danyluk is a 24 year old guy living in Calgary, Alberta. He has been a member for 14 months, and was last logged on 3 hours ago.
Dustin Danyluk has a website at

Gamer Level: 10

Welcome to my profile

Leader Of Epic Duel Faction:


seraph Defilement Sig


 Former Digamma Master Of the Zero Arena Clan:

Digamma Master Badge


Regular Player of:



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darcie_26darcie_26 said

Posted 2 days ago


You don't have permission to access /2fgkjn134kjlh1cfn81vc34/flash/f-Happy-Pooping-10007.jpg on this server.

~Kawasaki~Rider~~Kawasaki~Rider~ said

Posted 4 days ago

wow. epic page dude

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 12 days ago

Blame my parents ...
they don't allow me on pc when I have hwk D:
But I'll be on until Sunday night...
That will be my last night til the next Saturday ooo:

MetaloidMetaloid said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Welcome back b

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