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I am the wind running through your hair,
But, as the wind I’m not always fair,
I will take your paper, or your note,
And sail off with what you wrote,
I blow in your face,
With such incredible Grace.
You will start to think,
What is the link,
Between the wind and the world,
For how it seems so swirled.



Tears falling down my cheek,
lately I feel so weak.
all the stress brings me down,
It gives me no choice,
I cant seem to speak my mind,
I just can't find my voice.
something else I got to hide,
is the smile I used to have,
but now it's hid behind,
the other part of me,
the person I pretend to be,
so you dont see my tears,
I fight all my fears,
I can't show emotion,
so I store it all inside,
but It builds up,
I breakdown,
and when I bleed it all out,
I feel better inside.


Sometimes when I am alone,
I cry,
Though not a soul knows why.
As the world moves spryly by,
Tears move tediously through my eye.
I cry about life,
I cry about death,
I don't know what is right,
And I don't know what is left.
This makes it hard to carry on,
Because my soul is gone,
What can one do?
The world would rather walk on the other side,
Than understand what makes me cry.
Because if they knew what made me cry,
They would weep by my side.

The tears roll down my cheek,
The taste of salt bitter on my lips,
Just as the taste of the world leaves me weak,
My tears leave me battered as if from whips.
The whips of pain,
The whips I can not contain.
I cry,
But no one knows why.

I fight through my tears.
The same way I fight my fears.
Because the World does not care,
I continue the journey I can not bare.
I cry during my life here,
But death I do not fear.
Because with death all my fears and tears
Will astray,
As I will enjoy tranquility in heaven on this day.
And when the sun seizes to splash upon the clouds,
A new perspective I have vowed.
I cry,
And now thou knows why.



I'll walk in this path alone,
where the road connects to the river,
streaming blood from my vains.
Where you once saved me.
I love you, yet my voice faded away,
as I stagger like..
a lost soul aching for rest.
I'll never reach these's roots end.



If you got what it take's to win my heart,
then don't hold back,
come at me with your smile worth a story to keep reading forth;
with a heart worth the threading in one;
a hand worth the wait.
A treasure; worth the soul.




IF you dunno me by now...


My name is Nick, Kroeger.. Reach me at, [email protected], that's my msn. My best amazing friend Gabby dang. Gabby dang is the shit. Will yeah I'm 13 yeards old born June 5th, hoping to get into a college to study rightful careers I'm passionate about. I wan't to devote my life to working on a career to put a smile half way. As I earn my place in life, and financial stable. To adopt a little girl; daughter, and raise her like my own blood. Give her everything, and be there for her like no one ever fully been for me.



As for my status relationship; I'm single, and really not much so bother about it at all, but yet not saying I prefer to be alone, To make myself clear... I am very well thought out. I turn relationships down. Only because.. at my age, 13, people say the 3 words that mean nothing. People get in relationships to either be happy but it's not true love. Or to do it because of peer pressure. Or Because they want to just because they think it's cool. Most of my friend's don't understand what LOVE is. I say THEIR version of love at 13, is kissing in the hallways, holding hands, hugging, or like maybe sometimes things they regret, and I help them resolve those issues. Love at my age is meaningless to most people. I'm 13. What's to offer? I'm not going to get married and have kids and go to college and support a family and house. That's when I'm older. so for now, I let those immature hormonal teen-kids do what the fuck they want and everyday they'll be like flirting with me or say I'm hot. Doesn't bother me. When I am ready and do find someone, I'd like to meet someone I can take thing's steady, and will realy trust, someone that isnt a repeative partner. I've grown tired of meeting people that say those 3 simple words to them; not meaning it, and will someone that isn't in false, that trully is serious but yet relaxed and stabled with there ownself and life, someone to keep convesations balanced, and sharefull moments or memories. I don't know but I'm not in a rush with that anymore. At time's I don't know what to do, with my own life still, I guess I kind need a boost, without motivation or meaning for that point of goal in life, that doesn't just revolve around me, is unmotivated, pointless.



I love Gaming online (Online), Graphics Arts of any kind, and even Art itself fascinates me, Photography is a amazing thing, capturing Scenaries worth the treasure, Reading and writing is a passionate and way to communicate in many wonderful ways. Walking at beach calms and relax's me, recollecting myself it helps in many ways, I love to space off at the pbeach, or somewhere where I take a sit, and stare off at the sky and just wodner off.. Once I'm all relaxed, I usually love to write/type deep poetry that really means a lot to me. It's all about my feeling. And I lve to write essays and read. Mostly books on philosophy which I'm facsinated by.




If you don't wish to read this for any reason, I could care less. I'm not going to loose sleep on it. But you will loose a good friend if you don't comment below!

My only rule..

Rule #1

I do NOT tolerate ignorance.

If I don't respond... It means I don't wanna talk to you so stop saying "Hello"!


I'm to lazy.


I'm sick of it,

I'm bi. Ok? If you have a problem with it, then go jump off a bridge and suffer like I have all my life.

Yes, people in life have different perspectives, don't judge.


greensparks32greensparks32 said

Posted 2 hours ago

omg i luv your poems its like i can feel wat all u r going through and wat ur feelin and i dont care if u r bi cause most of my family is and most of ur poems are really really deep and i think that if u believe that all the stuff in ur poems r good enough for u to actually become a poet then u should live that dream and if anyone says that ur poems r bad FUCK THEM

ViviianxViviianx said

Posted 16 hours ago

OMG ! Your poems are so deep ! :]

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 4 days ago

you're welcome

xnickpwnsxxnickpwnsx said

Posted 4 days ago

Thank you everyone for the generous comments you leave me :] They make my day's happier, althought i don't get back to you all the time... Sorry, :/. But i thank you all

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 5 days ago

man youre deep...thats cool that youre so confident about yourself and things in life! you sound like you could be an awesome friend so you should add me!

i_luv_tio96i_luv_tio96 said

Posted 5 days ago

Luv da poems!!

hkfreak25397hkfreak25397 said

Posted 7 days ago

hey dude. u have nifty hair . add me!


Posted 7 days ago


karen_cupcakeskaren_cupcakes said

Posted 2 weeks ago

me add cat?

Arielle44 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

hi.. ur poems were very good :)

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