(not avaliable :D) is a 15 year old guy living in *static*. He has been a member for 22 months, and was last logged on 3 weeks ago.

Gamer Level: 4

Welcome to my profile

Wait Wait WAIT! Dont start thinking im gone from this place ,no no im just not really here lol.I go to this other web site which is pretty fun,so thats why it seems im not here,when i vist i mostly check inbox,with is sorta whst only i can do,Sop yeah trust me if u inbox my it might take a few days but ill reply so yeah dont worry :P any way here are my friends (sorry if i 4got u XP)


Sliver the hedgehog 0 \2

me and myself

Shadow the hedgehog__



mew22 (did i spell it rite?)

Axel the hedgehog

Venus95 (its rite...rite?)


Sly Cooper__

Emo Tails

uh cant think of any1 >.< ill edit this later mmk?

btw i like fullmetal alchemist (watching brotherhood,reading manga) 2nd fav

Bleach  , and death note 

And im a furry :D

Im going to close my wiigamer account on nonoba

now dont worry, im going to make a new account!

its going to be BlueBlackFur

recarnations ftw

and furries!!!!





Zig CooperZig Cooper said

Posted 2 months ago

Just to tell everyone, wii might make a new account or leave :P

mewtwo22mewtwo22 said

Posted 2 months ago

omg dude its mewtwo22 not mew22 fix ur profile 0r n0 soup 4 u!>3

Shadow the hedgehog__Shadow the hedgehog__ said

Posted 2 months ago

hey wiigamer, (and i'm from whirled to..just..to tell the other people here..<_<)

WiiGaMeRWiiGaMeR said

Posted 2 months ago

HOLY CRAO HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN GONE!?!!?? O.O oh my i gots to visit soon!

And bomber, go back to the stripclub u work in,STOP ANNOYIN

Bomber_AC4Bomber_AC4 said

Posted 2 months ago

HEY HEY!! doggy u there and my phone broke so got a better 1

Bomber_AC4Bomber_AC4 said

Posted 3 months ago

wow...........louie tht is weak of u and U R A FAILLL! XD jk and don annoy me cuz i used ur name.

butterfly flowerbutterfly flower said

Posted 3 months ago

yes i do remember u ur wiigamer.

DededeTheMudkipDededeTheMudkip said

Posted 3 months ago

i have to say the same to, y the fuk is ther music playing in your profile O_o

WiiGaMeRWiiGaMeR said

Posted 3 months ago

.....y the fuk is ther music playing in my profile O_o

little miss eeveelittle miss eevee said

Posted 4 months ago


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