Нико Новиков is a 13 year old guy living in Москва Россия. He has been a member for 7 months, and was last logged on 3 weeks ago.

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Welcome to my profile

Hi im wasidontknow, if you want to ask some questions then go ahead.


joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 2 months ago


Iron-Maiden-fan666Iron-Maiden-fan666 said

Posted 3 months ago

cool fallout robot picture

opey438opey438 said

Posted 3 months ago

There is no proof of that.

Look it up.

wasIdontknowwasIdontknow said

Posted 4 months ago

actually we did, it's called evolution. First there were tiny bacteria that grew into larger things and eventually apes and men. That's why apes are very similar to humans

opey438opey438 said

Posted 4 months ago

Theres plenty of evidence

Where did we come from then?

Apes? I think not

element63element63 said

Posted 5 months ago

hay tom hows the new house call me if you whant to hang out

rUn FaT bOy RuN- OorUn FaT bOy RuN- Oo said

Posted 5 months ago

hey thx 4 adding me <3<3<3<3

34IceChill34IceChill said

Posted 6 months ago

hey :D

dakota1dakota1 (online here) said

Posted 7 months ago


Xanthe12Xanthe12 said

Posted 7 months ago


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