zombie apocalipse

zombie apocalipse

Follow these steps to play the game

1,2,3,4 or scroll to change weapon (if you have ammo). Move on arrows or WASD. Aim with your mouse.

You can buy more ammo for your score by clicking the $ sign next to the ammo you want.

Farm credits to buy machine gun ,autofire and armor
Play in low quality (lower left corner) if the game feels to laggy.


update #5
big shotgun upgrade (double damage)
new levels (now you can get to level 24 !!)
new worm boss

Update #4 : fixed background problem at level 19+

Update #3 : play a new game to fix armor achievement bug :)

Update #2 : lowered autofire cost, lowered first zombie boss health,added player health bar,improved strength of evil worms, little changes to the levels

We are adding new enemies and changing all the sounds ;)
New updates soon...

This is a coop game. You will not get far alone.

Ideal sequel of "Zombies!", thanks Nerdygames !!!!!


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Zombie killer Armor Machine Gun
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