Game developer:
Vartagh is a guy living in Genova, Italy.
Developer Level: 11
Hi !! My name is Massimo and i'm from Italy but everybody in internet know me as Vartagh. It's like 15+ years that i use this nickname and if you search on google you'll find a lot about me and my works... I started "trying" programming at 6 years old learning to write i also began learning basic on a commodore 64!!! I programmed a lot in basic - qbasic - darkbasic - c - c++ and now Flash ! I'm not a student/programmer cause i studied economics.. all i have learnt is only by me and by experimenting things... now after my graduation in economics on march 2008 and after leaving my marketing work in italy i'm a full time flash freelance game developer... Hope you'll like my games cause the real target of my life is to be a good game designer... It's not easy to make a game, so if you'd like to support my games, gain early beta access, and receive mention on a special contributors page in my future titles, you can submit a Kreds tip to one of my games...Supporters will be kept informed about future games via whispers or email, and will be credited as beta testers for any games that they help us test.