Tori is a 18 year old girl living in your dreams. She has been a member for 2 months, and was last logged on 4 weeks ago.

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Welcome to my profile


Victoria Marie Angel. 18. Single.


An unhealthy obsession for gummy bears and red velvet cupcakes.

Basketball IS My Life.


I trust easily, doubt easily, and care easily.

I work hard, play hard, and act hard.

Just love me for me, please =) 







LuisJ.RLuisJ.R said

Posted 11 hours ago

hi what are you diddling on friday

folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 2 days ago

i miss you so much!!! :(

sMiLe13sMiLe13 said

Posted 6 days ago

GIRL DIED IN 1993, A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight int your eyes. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. This story is sadly true. If you post this 5 differnt times she will not.

JuanC1JuanC1 said

Posted 8 days ago

Basketball is the best-est sport world-wide.

wHaT my Nam3 Be ShawtywHaT my Nam3 Be Shawty said

Posted 10 days ago

Where you from?

nemaheartless.nemaheartless. said

Posted 10 days ago


fuzzy24fuzzy24 said

Posted 11 days ago

u are hot

folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 2 weeks ago


*Peace*Hope**Peace*Hope* said

Posted 2 weeks ago

heyy yup yup basketball is tha best i play too where do u play at???

Little Dyablo..Little Dyablo.. said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hey how are you beautiful.....

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