PacOArena Multiplayer

PacOArena Multiplayer

Follow these steps to play the game

The pac has to get maximum score to win the title

Use arrow keys to move the pac.

Scoring is distributed through following sources :-

- Pac can earn score faster by eating regular food balls(blue balls).

- Eating other pacs is another way to earn score.

- Eating power balls(Red balls or Green Balls) give bonus scores.

After eating a red ball, pac get a speed boost and an ability to eat other pacs but while in this mode , the pac cannot eat food balls.

Game has two power modes.Player can choose between these two in the beginning of each match. Power mode is initiated after eating 3 green balls.

First mode is "Flash" mode which when initiated reveal only a small part of arena on other pac player's screen for certain amount of time preventing them to see the whole arena and thereby giving the host pac an opportunity to eat as many food balls as it can.

Second mode is "Confuse" mode which when initiated inverse other pac player controls making them difficult to move in the arena for certain amount of time.


The game is all about getting the "Top PAC" title in the arena by earning maximum points.Game follows the style and controls similar to classic pacman series.

It is a multiplayer game where each player is a PAC competing with other pacs to win Pac-O-Arena title in 5 different arenas.

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