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Shard The Hedgehog is a 3 year old guy living in Shard's Lair. He has been a member for 2 days, and was last logged on 2 days ago.
Shard The Hedgehog has a website at

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Foxy Fiona FoxFoxy Fiona Fox said

Posted 2 days ago

love the pic

Shard The Hedgehog1Shard The Hedgehog1 said

Posted 2 days ago

I'm Shard The Hedgehog I just hope we'll be partners and other kinds of stuff like that.

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Shard The Hedgehog1

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Posted: November 20

Shard The Hedgehog1
Shard The Hedgehog1 and owned 3 are now friends.
Shard The Hedgehog1 started a forum thread Grosu27 Is Dead R.I.P.

After I was his partner tod...


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