Chris Redstone is a 15 year old guy living in colorado. He has been a member for 5 weeks, and was last logged on 3 hours ago.

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Welcome to my profile

Retreating in fear is a sign of cowardice. Fight for your honor.Fight for Glory. Stand your ground and show no mercy!


      ~Poetry~  :P


 For those who are reading this profile I person who lives in Colorado of the united states of america. My favorite music is rock/metal, alteranative rock, little rap,some hip hop,and alot of jazz :\.Although i mostly like rock and metal,also jazz when im in the mood for it :).I am usually a very patient and understanding person with flaws, like being a jokester although alot of the time im not that funny lol.But idm.My hobbie is origami,and some sports like football and basketball. My most favorited games on this website going from 1-5 best-least best would be...

1 starland td

2 Zombies

3 ages of war

4 flTron

5 and sometimes pool or monoliths mario world or Everybdy Edits


 Some of my favorite songs I like is losing you and awake and alive by:dead by april,inside the fire,and indestructible by:disturbed,Harden my heart (idr the name of the band but it has a good jazz feel),In the end by:Linkin Park,some of evanessences songs like bring me to life,and not afraid by eminem.


pwner43pwner43 said

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pwner43pwner43 said

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warcrywarcry said

Posted 3 weeks ago

magic... nice : )

Shade902Shade902 said

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