Saulchains is a 19 year old guy living in México. He has been a member for 3 months, and was last logged on 10 minutes ago.

Gamer Level: 15
Developer Level: 8

Welcome to my profile

subir imagenes


ThisMomentSucksThisMomentSucks said

Posted yesterday

sweet pro............

~*AnNi3~*AnNi3 said

Posted 3 days ago

haha k

eXigenTeXigenT said

Posted 7 days ago

Salutations ^^

Arely12Arely12 said

Posted 9 days ago


3za_p3k3nita3za_p3k3nita said

Posted 2 weeks ago

hey what up

Red Rose13Red Rose13 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

thx. .

Red Rose13Red Rose13 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

cool profile!

serena97serena97 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

Thanks for tha add

joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 6 weeks ago

ok thakns

joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 6 weeks ago

kull pro bro.

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Games by Saulchains

Saulchains has developed these games

Dj Sheepwolf MixerDj Sheepwolf Mixer
Dj Sheepwolf Mixer, is a newer and improved version of "Dj Sonicx M...
3D Maze Survival3D Maze Survival
Youre stuck in a maze. Find your way out and shoot the Jack-O-Lante...
Monsters MashMonsters Mash
--Enjoy-- A pretty fun game set in a cemetary. Similiar to the m...
Yet another remake of the popular game "Guitar Hero". Push the corr...
Clock Mow DownClock Mow Down
Shoot the incoming evil strawberries. Prevent them from getting to...
Festival ProFestival Pro
Guitar Hero tribute
T-Bones Stress Relief AquariumT-Bones Stress Relief Aquarium
Enjoy this interactive animation chance to experience the seven dif...
Kat KillahKat Killah
Shoot the strange creatures invading your space from left and right...
Pinkslip PanicPinkslip Panic
Shoot the employees with pinkslips, but not the blonds. Very hard w...
Piano BarPiano Bar
Seduce the woman with your piano skills in order to get to the next...
Way of the Exploding StickWay of the Exploding Stick
The exploding stick is YOU. You are a stick figure with a knowledge...
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 1Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 1
A guitar rhythm game to test your skill and timing, with some great...
Mad SharkMad Shark
--Enjoy Shark-- You are the Mad Shark. And you're out for reveng...
Bush Shoot OutBush Shoot Out
--Enjoy-- Defend the White House Against Terrorists.
Keyboard shooter with incoming enemies that you have to shoot at. G...
Vehicle Survival TestVehicle Survival Test
An animation of stick men getting hit by a car.
Plane War 2Plane War 2
Try not to get hit by the guys on the ground. --Enjoy--
Hell FireHell Fire
Shoot the enemies as they appear on screen. 2 game modes....
Shoot all the blocks on each map to kill the core. Watch out for co...
Dj Sonicx MixerDj Sonicx Mixer
Dj Master --Everyday Party Enjoy-- 9 beat samples to mix: Kicks...
Grave 3Grave 3
A well done 3D shooter with multiple dualing weapons! Enjoy.
Pencak SilatPencak Silat
You must fight to restore order. --Enjoy--
Hungry Are The DeadHungry Are The Dead
Shoot the incoming zombies. Careful to reload quick and to upgrade...
Shoot the enemies on multiple levels. Blow their heads off and more...
Panik in Chocoland Panik in Chocoland
Guide Panik through the factory collecting all the bombs.
Virtua PikeyVirtua Pikey
Fight a few people at the carnival to impress your girl friend.
Kat Killah 2Kat Killah 2
Shoot all the crazy fruity creatures as you stay alive and unlock b...
Cute ShooterCute Shooter
Shoot the face as it floats around the screen. How long can you las...
King Of Air GuitarKing Of Air Guitar
Pull off cool air guitar moves, power up for sizzling solos and roc...
Ice Racer Ice Racer
Try to race through the ice level without flipping over.
Christmas Naughty List 2009Christmas Naughty List 2009
Just play--Enjoy--
Missing in ActionMissing in Action
Collecting as many soldiers as you can with your rescue zeppelin.
Kumite KarateKumite Karate
--Just Enjoy--
Sober SantaSober Santa
Santa’s only sober at the very beginning of this game. Run around t...
Invader Zim: GameInvader Zim: Game
A simple platform game with easy controls. Get through each level a...
Cubicle PartyCubicle Party
Bored corporation. Try to make fun on work while boss is doing some...
Is a addictive game where you try to get a bubble into it's home. T...
Crazy Castle Crazy Castle
We thought it was time you got to shoot the hell out of stuff, so w...
 Sky Fire Sky Fire
This is some heavy aerial firepower. Do your best to take this flig...
Crazy StevenCrazy Steven
--Become a Crazy-- Just Kidding--Enjoy--
Magic JetMagic Jet
The objective of the game is to destroy enemies and bosses to finis...
Egg Fighter Egg Fighter
Play as an egg and fight another egg street fighter style!
The Right MixThe Right Mix
--Become a Barman-- Try to make delicious cocktail. Choose mater...
Sheriff RageSheriff Rage
Become a Sheriff --Enjoy--
Crazy Castle 2Crazy Castle 2
Buy your weapons and protect the castle by blasting away the incomi...
Rings and SticksRings and Sticks
Choose from the branches at the bottom of the screen to build a tre...
Trouble Fright ClubTrouble Fright Club
Good Luck. --Enjoy--
Chicken Shooter 2 Chicken Shooter 2
Shoot the passing chickens. Try to blow their heads off for maximum...
Ultimate DownUltimate Down
--Enjoy-- In Ultimate Down, TV violence comes true. Take the con...
Mmeoww-The Plague of Kittens Mmeoww-The Plague of Kittens
--Enjoy-- Your mouse moves the kitten catcher. Break the kittens...
Hard TargetHard Target
Hard Targets come hard and fast!
Tablet WarTablet War
--Enjoy killer-- These inky creations are deadly. Swing your ink...
Gavin The Pro Golf Goblin 2Gavin The Pro Golf Goblin 2
--Enjoy-- Hit the golf ball, and attack other golfers.
Wanted WaldoWanted Waldo
Shoot as many Waldos as possible during the timelimit while looking...
Peter paranormalPeter paranormal
--Play it Now-- Peter Paranormal is an average boy with average...
Top Chef Top Chef
Nasty Game
The Abaddon Demon ShooterThe Abaddon Demon Shooter
Shoot the bats, spiders, and other creepy things that come at you....
Flat War Flat War
Shoot the enemies that are trying to steal your apartment away from...
Cat GameCat Game
Hold back hoards of cats using rocks and upgraded cat-corpses! W...
Run with deathRun with death
--Enjoy-- A very sick shooting game.
School SniperSchool Sniper
Welcome to Chris Ryans Sniper School. Here you'll have a chance to...
Nightmare In The DarkNightmare In The Dark
--Enjoy-- Throw fireballs at enemies and them kick them into oth...
Fish truckFish truck
--Enjoy-- Trying to steal my fishies. No like! Drive like thunder;...
Blood ShedBlood Shed
Monkey Cliff DivingMonkey Cliff Diving
--Just play-- Time your jumps so these monkeys don\'t splatter t...
Beavis and Butt Head Court Beavis and Butt Head Court
--Just play-- Beavis and Butt-Head: Court Chaos - Order in the c...
Ninjotic MayhemNinjotic Mayhem
--Become a Ninja--Enjoy ;) One ninja, many zombie enemies. But y...
Clubby the SealClubby the Seal
--Become a Seal-- Clubby The Seal is on a mission of mindless re...
Desert HunterDesert Hunter
Shoot any desert animals that move. All must die!
Bad ChickensBad Chickens
--Enjoy-- Bad chickens invaded your farm! Destroy them and you w...
Order To GoOrder To Go
--Enjoy Killer--
Vampire SlayVampire Slay
Shoot anything that comes out of the creepy crypt. Watch out for mo...
King's WinKing's Win
--Enjoy-- Blast the other kings ships before he blasts yours!!!
Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2
The sequel to DJ Sheepwolf Mixer. Create, mix and record your own b...
Creepy adventureCreepy adventure
--Enjoy-- ;)
Rhythm FireworksRhythm Fireworks
Retro color-matching musical explosions.
The Great Massacre Action The Great Massacre Action
Greg is an Immortal Hero. He’s a bit bored, because with his great...
Red DriverRed Driver
You drive a red vehicle trought the city at night in street racing...
Man Hunter Man Hunter
Just play--Enjoy-- Dangerous for the prey, that is! Blast many p...
Defend Your PS3 Defend Your PS3
Defend your Playstation 3 by shooting anybody that comes near it.
Nightvision SniperNightvision Sniper
Shooter Game
Rhythm Fireworks 2Rhythm Fireworks 2
The second version of Rhythm Fireworks with 8 songs, 2 modes, new g...
Chernobil RabbitsChernobil Rabbits
Shoot the rabbits before they become too toxic. Multiple weapons....
Bow Chief 2Bow Chief 2
--Enjoy-- Compete against a human or computer opponent, fire arr...
Bullet TimeBullet Time
The Pumpkin's BalladeThe Pumpkin's Ballade
Collect the bonus for extra points, shots and magic shield.
Homer The Flanders KillerHomer The Flanders Killer
--Just play-- Homer's goal here is to shoot everyone in his sigh...
Blazing SquadBlazing Squad
Blast the targets with your machine gun and pistol - but watch out!...
Defend your KegDefend your Keg
Game style similar to other shooting games, but with an alcoholic t...
Shooter MaxShooter Max
Shoot the guys that keep popping up all around you. Multiple levels...
--Enjoy-- A great jump rope game with a deadly twist. Can get qu...
--Survive-- Kill lots and lots of zombies!!!
Gunbot is a kick-ass gun shooting action games with tons of upgrade...
 Graveyard of Drunken Souls Graveyard of Drunken Souls
Choose your hat and go smack some red demons. Getting the right hat...
Udi 2 Enjoy the FlightUdi 2 Enjoy the Flight
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3
A less complex but even better version of the popular DJ Sheepwolf...
Zombie Land Bonesnap Blvd.Zombie Land Bonesnap Blvd.
--Survive-- Take your skateboard, go to Bonesnap blvd and shoot...
Armor Trigger 2Armor Trigger 2
Complete a series of minigames as you embark on yet another crazy a...
Captain Zorro Last HopeCaptain Zorro Last Hope
--Enjoy-- The near future. Super computer took authority for Mar...
Attack Of The Mutant Snowmen Attack Of The Mutant Snowmen
Shoot the snowmen as they pop up and blow holes threw them.
Silent KillSilent Kill
Shooter Game --Enjoy kiler--
Angel KillerAngel Killer
In this game you've to shoot fireballs at the angels descending dow...
Hero TankHero Tank
--Enjoy--- Destroy the enemy tanks and collect power ups.
Kill The MonkeyKill The Monkey
--Read the title--
Just play----Enjoy----
The Pain MachineThe Pain Machine
S-70B-2 SeahawkS-70B-2 Seahawk
Control a navy helicopter during anti-submarine and surface warfare...
Armor Trigger 3Armor Trigger 3
Each individual miniature game has its own instruction.
Celebrity Fight ClubCelebrity Fight Club
This is a crazy as well as addictive flash boxing game. The object...
Armor TriggerArmor Trigger
A shooter game mixed with a Mario style map as you go from point to...
-The Sperminator--The Sperminator-
Read the Title --Enjoy-- --Highscore Powered by Mochigames--
Aniquilator 2000Aniquilator 2000
--Shooter Game-- You are a professional annihilator, in a traini...
Unicorns and HandgrenadesUnicorns and Handgrenades
--Enjoy-- Unicorns are terribly dangerous. Say hello to my little...
Cubikill 3Cubikill 3
--Just play-- Cubikill 3, the psychopath game has been released...
Alpine Escape 2Alpine Escape 2
Shoot the planes avoiding the mines and save as many maidens as you...
Shoot 'Em UpShoot 'Em Up
--Shooter Game-- Enjoy ;)
Elf SlaughterElf Slaughter
Slice up all the elves as you have fun as their blood sprays across...

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