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SkiLLeD_ FoReVeR is a guy living in Death Valley. He has been a member for 20 months, and was last logged on 3 days ago.
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Welcome to my profile

~The Ultimate Beta Tester~
Im Back,see nothing has changed pretty much since I first got here.Good old Nonoba....
★..\................. /
"Never take a day for granted.Live everyday like your last,for if you let it pass,you may fall without achieving all of your goals."~Recon X
I've learned something while staying in Nonoba.That is to always look in the future.
Not the past.~Recon X
Do you need help with your profile?I can help you!

~ Welcome to my profile ~
"True friends are kept close to your heart. Not on a list."
~Recon X

Life is like surfing and painting

Bad things always happen.

In surfing.You fall a lot

In painting.

You mess up the art.


In both ways.

Theres always a solution

Never give up in life

And It does not matter if your artwork looks bad.

The true art is in your heart.

Find it and unleash it..

It will show you the true meaning.

It might also save your life one day.


~Recon X



kevin2k91kevin2k91 said

Posted 4 months ago

this back ground makes me disy urgg ( falls to the dround)

kevin2k91kevin2k91 said

Posted 5 months ago

long time no see hi

ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 7 months ago

im a serious gamer ;D and check ya inbox :D

I.C.P. LoverI.C.P. Lover said

Posted 8 months ago

im finally back

ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 8 months ago

check ur inbox >.<

ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 8 months ago

awe thank u recon, but i still think u know more than me :)
and the purple in ur profile, i think it looks ok :)
but u should come on all the time, like u used too :)
we all miss u :'(

ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 8 months ago

talking of which ur profile is way better , because i still cant seem to find the matrix back ground u have :D.... so cool :D

ronan keatingronan keating said

Posted 8 months ago

hi recon, good to hear from u, thank u very much :)
but a dear frined of mine did the music thingy for me, it was all too technological for me, got my head spinning, so he did it for me :), bless him :)
so are u back for good now, ? :)

cmtjjccmtjjc said

Posted 8 months ago

I love ur profile:)

CaiitRawrr-xCaiitRawrr-x (online) said

Posted 8 months ago


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