Warlocks Arena

Warlocks Arena

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Magic Arena – it is a small island of hard ground on boundless spaces mortal lava.
You are Warlock who has good knowledge of magic destruction, but to take part in Arena you can choose only one spell: Fire “Blaze”, Ice, Lightning, Telekinesis.
All spells have pros and cons. Some spells blow an opponent off while others strongly push away him.
Island of Arena is so small, that makes easy push away enemy in lava and thereby defeat him.
Show spirit and tactics to defeat an enemy.
Burn an opponent down by destroying spells or push him into lava.

Mouse - click where you wanna go or define direction for your spells.
A - Fire Spell
S - Lightning Spell
D - Ice Spell
F - Telekinesis Spell
Up and Down arrows - adjust sound volume

- up to 6 players
- 12 spells


Warlock’s Arena – invites you to take part in an interesting battle of magic and trickery.

Where you can resist equal duel strategy and tactics, spirit and heroism …
Meet in an honest fight with adequate enemy and defeat all enemies …
Be the Master of Arena!


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