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Dino Jeff Jet Pack Adv...
Dino Jeff Jet Pack Adventure

Dino Jeff Jet Pack Adventure

Follow these steps to play the game

Instructions are in game.


Been spending a large number of hours on this over the past week. Quite a few late night like this one. This is the second in the “Dino Jeff” series. But nothing at all like the first. You’ll like me for that.

This is taking all I’ve learnt about scripting and putting it all into one game. Was fun to make (although sometimes frustrating for reasons I’ll post on the PabMo blog tomorrow – right click in-game and it’s there). Music is from the audio portal (on NG). Was a last minute addition so the credit’s not in the game.

Controls are in the game as well as an explanation of the game – but still… It’s just the arrows to move. Standard. Still looking for users to collaborate with on these games. PM if interested.

Max score possible = 20 200 (or 20 300 I might have miscounted)
Score needed to win = 10 000 (so collect all the coins)
Hidden areas = 1 (kind of obvious – king of exploration – who will get this…)

From PabMo.


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