my name is Nelson, yes i said these words in name mickey mouse rocks is a 19 year old guy living in Where ever i am is where i be. He has been a member for 9 months, and was last logged on 9 days ago.
my name is Nelson, yes i said these words in name mickey mouse rocks has a website at

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hiSup people, omgitsitspuff123 here saying that you can feel free to add me as your friend or just go on ahead and not add me  IDK. If you want to find me go to starland multiplayer td or Im just looking around at some other games.  I have 360 and ps3. i like to play halo 3 and left for dead 2. i have a brother that plays it as well but if you would like to add me go on a head . My account on 360 is on3sh0tk1la!!.!! k it is a confusing name. its pronounced oneshotkilla!!! If you have any questions just tell me here or on dino360 k.


omgitsitspuff123omgitsitspuff123 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

no way lol im no hacker im new sorta

farinha3000farinha3000 said

Posted 8 months ago


buttface123buttface123 said

Posted 9 months ago

omg hacker

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