Multiplayer API freely available!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

We're pleased to announce that our Multiplayer API is now freely available.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the beta for their valuable feedback.

We will mail out the API package shortly to everyone who signed up for the beta, both those who got in the private beta and those who didn't. We just want to make sure there are no major oversigts in the package before we mail it out to a lot of developers.

If you are impatient or if you didn't participate in the beta, you can now head to our download section and get the first public release version of the Multiplayer API. The package contains the API files, the local development server, an empty template game so you can quickly start developing your own multiplayer game, and the full source code for the games DrawPad and Fridge Magnets that should provide you with inspiration and examples. We have also released a full online documentation for the API which you can find here.



scriptedfunscriptedfun said

Posted a long time ago

Wow! Congrats for the release! :) And thank you for this wonderful opportunity! :D

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