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Posted a long time ago by Henrik

We're very proud and pleased to finally being able to announce the immediate availability of our brand new payment solution for flash games: Nonoba Payment.

With it, any game developer can charge actual money, from single digit cents to hundreds of dollars, for their in-game content. There is a 70/30 revenue split between the developer and Nonoba, where we use our 30 percent to handle transaction costs and management of purchased items, while the rest goes directly to the developer. We think it's a pretty good deal, and a great way for a game developer to  make some actual money from their hours of hard work.

Game developers have complete freedom over what they want to charge for and how much they want to charge. There are no limits on the models that are available, for example charging for the entire game, level packs, items, coloured pants for your character, or simply askingfor donations. It is however important to remember that as in any other marketplace, consumers will have full freedom in deciding what they will actually pay for, and they won't pay for low quality content, unless it's really cheap.

There will always be an enormous amount of free Flash games, but we hope that the Nonoba Payment system can attract games of an even higher quality level, games that are so good that people would actually want to pay for them. We are very excited about this and we can't wait to see what kind of games will be produced.


Of course, as a community site with active users, there are a couple of concerns that we can already hear being voiced, which we would like to address here.


What does this mean for

Not a lot will change on Nonoba. We'll continue having loads of free great games, a great community and awesome features for players and developers alike.

Once in a while, a game developer will put up a game that uses the payment system, and if it's engaging enough, some users will pay for it, and the developer will be encouraged to make more great content.

If we didn't provide a payment solution, somebody else would build something that might not work on Since we really love open platforms, we figured we'd better be first, and build something that works everywhere on the internet.


Is Nonoba turning into a pay-only site?

Not at all! Everything is still free, and Nonoba is not charging for any site features. It's completely up to the game developers to choose if, how and what to charge for content in their games. And it's up to them to convince all of you that their games are worth paying for.


dx0nedx0ne said

Posted a long time ago

u guys as always are few steps before the rest.

RunaWorldRunaWorld said

Posted a long time ago

I can't wait to see how many other APIs you guys create.

shadowstalker said

Posted a long time ago

This is work well with muti-player games I bet.
Hopefully this will attract better games.

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