Mystery Druid is a 101 year old guy living in MYSTERY. He has been a member for 37 months, and was last logged on a long time ago.

Gamer Level: 11
Developer Level: 11

Welcome to my profile

A seagull from the north, within the waves

Flying slowly and alone

Flowing to the harbor

Tonight with the hazy moon 



Posted 2 months ago


bananagirl12bananagirl12 said

Posted 3 months ago

Wow, level 11! How did u get that far?

AmiAthenaAmiAthena said

Posted 7 months ago


jairhigjairhig said

Posted a long time ago

nonoba uno

Teh_1337manTeh_1337man said

Posted a long time ago

what the herring!?

Comment by John Bolinha is hidden because it has a score of -6. Click here to show

John BolinhaJohn Bolinha said

Posted a long time ago

hey why you removed nonoba uno

this comunuty is getting worst and worst every second

it's all your fault :S :@

please we want UNO BACK

SilvarthehedgehogSilvarthehedgehog said

Posted a long time ago

Why?I have played uno for A long long addictive/Bringit back people want it!You dont do it who will?

PROGamererPROGamerer said

Posted a long time ago

People want Uno back. Why don't you give it back. Or at least explain why you took it down. Was it legal issues? Server expired? Or were you stupid enough to take the game down yourself? Nonoba Uno was addictive!!! I used to play this when I still wasn't a user here.

bro101bro101 said

Posted a long time ago

I want nonoba uno and I want it now

sergio c.sergio c. said

Posted a long time ago


the uno must return


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