Morgan Hopkins is a 16 year old girl living in wonderland!!!xD. She has been a member for 2 months, and was last logged on 17 hours ago.

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Welcome to my profile


Morgan is my name:) my friends call me Morgie!

XxxELMOS_TWINxxX is my best friend in real lyfe hes an amzing guy and very sweet,and very hot <3lol you shoud add him and his twin sister *QU1_LUV5_U* shes my bitch and im her bitch haha were like the bestest friends in the wwhole world i love you girly<3 

so here some info about meh:

im 16 !!:D

my birthmas is spet.25/95

like to party,go shopping with my friends,camping.

im athetic i like to run track,cross-country,basketball, adn volley ball are my fave sports.

my fave music is pretty much anything except gospel and opra uggh just hate them lol

fave colors are Hot Pink,Pink,Yellow,Purple,Blue and Red:P

Im BISEXUAL which means i like guys and girl i prefer girls a little more than guys but guys are welcome...i dont give a fuck what people think about me beinb BI if you hate it then fuck off and dont try to start shit with meh okay!.

anything else tht you wanna just ask meh i really ont care lol

im told i can be a real bitch but thats olny if your an ass to my friends or family and if you get on my bad side so try not to get on my bad side and then i wont be a bitch k?:)

i really dont care what people think of me because im my own own person and i like the way i am an dglad with the way i am so dont judge me.

"Never judge a book by its cover not matter what"

Comment or Add!!!:))



Posted 3 days ago

Thanks For the Request Miss

*QuIaNnA**QuIaNnA* said

Posted 9 days ago

your welcome and awww thanks but i truly am not haha but you totally are!!!:D<3

BrittneyABrittneyA said

Posted 13 days ago

My pleasure xD

Adrian.KAdrian.K said

Posted 2 weeks ago

u hott gurl add me up:)

RubberbandmanRubberbandman said

Posted 3 weeks ago

yaaa yerr welcome

*SexyLez**SexyLez* said

Posted 4 weeks ago

Ya huh:)

*SexyLez**SexyLez* said

Posted 4 weeks ago

No trust me you are and thx:)

*SexyLez**SexyLez* said

Posted 4 weeks ago

u r really pretty

*SexyLez**SexyLez* said

Posted 4 weeks ago

you're welcome


Posted 5 weeks ago

ahah austin ur a dork ahha well i dont know y im writin it on morgans wall when i can tell it to you right now since ur here at morgans house with me and katie and andrew hahaha love yea bro and morgan lol:)

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