Meta Knight is a guy living in in the deep shadows. He has been a member for 25 months, and was last logged on 5 months ago.
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Gamer Level: 7

Welcome to my profile

I play ROBLOX and my account name is Explode1 in ROBLOX, a free creative universe.


Let me remind you that there is some other Noob running around in Nonoba with the same name... He is not me. I don' t know what his purpose here is... He used to be an old friend... 


_Liam__Liam_ said

Posted 10 months ago


LiamxCleoLiamxCleo said

Posted a long time ago

wedgie lol

Meta Knight-UnmaskedMeta Knight-Unmasked said

Posted a long time ago

i luv mk!!!

Shadow darknessShadow darkness said

Posted a long time ago

Hey meta knight I've changed my avatar

Kirby Wii should come out

Tony Stewart fanTony Stewart fan said

Posted a long time ago

listen dont get any thoughts of caycay41 she's mine

MetaKnightmare555MetaKnightmare555 said

Posted a long time ago

How long have I left? LOL

SoopaKoopaSoopaKoopa said

Posted a long time ago

I havent been on for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

dean 1245780qdean 1245780q said

Posted a long time ago

good level i join my level is hard i dean A ok

MetaKnightmare555MetaKnightmare555 said

Posted a long time ago

Thanks, I finally go the hang of it!

Inferno EmporerInferno Emporer said

Posted a long time ago

Nice CSS! I wonder what the common theme is...-_-

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